5 Things to Do to Make Your About Page POP

Oh the inevitable about page! The number one page people go to the moment they get on your website is your about page. They want to know who you are, what you do and what makes you so awesome.


But so many people get stuck here. They go to write their about page and think, "I have no idea what to say!" The words get jumbled and suddenly they're having an identity crisis about who they are. 


Writing your about page gets a bad rap. But, it is actually easier and more fun than you've either imagined or been told. 


In these parts, I've written close to a hundred about pages! Here are my tips to make yours POP. 


1. Get a picture.

Like a good one. One that is high quality, but also truly expresses your incredible personality. Even have more than one, heck. Have a few. People are on this page to find about you, so let them see you! 


Examples of awesome photos on about pages: 


Jillian Adriana



2. Start off by talking to your audience.


Every great about page starts with the word 'you.' Why? Because it helps you build connection with your audience. People want to know about you, yes. But more than that, they want to know how does knowing you change their life. 


Examples of some killer starter 'you' statements: 


Meghan Maydel


3. Sprinkle in your personality like woah. 


People want to know YOU. Not the formal you, not the polished you, but what are you REALLY like? What are you doing while you're not running your business? What makes you happy? What do you love? What are your quirks? Throw those in there. Because connection, baby. Connection. 


Examples of some awesome personality sprinkling: 


idiehdesign aka Heidi the amazing. 

I love how in her second paragraph, you get to know more about her and what she loves. Plus those pictures are totally on point. 


Jess Creatives

See how she included personal details like peanut butter and chai latte? That builds connection and intimacy. We like that. 


4. Share your heart statement or transformation that you offer. 

In your about page, tell people how their life will change or be transformed after knowing you, following you or working with you. You are solving a problem for people. Get to the point. Tell them what it is. It is more than benefits, features or offers, it is transformation. 


An example of people who exude transformation: 


Caitlin Bacher

See how Caitlin paints a picture of what your life could look like? Incredible! 


5. Include a call-to-action. 

So now that people have met you, you want to give them somewhere to go to, a way to work with you or how to stay in touch. Whether you do an opt-in form, direct people to work with you or show more blog posts, let them follow you in what you're doing! 


Examples of those rocking the call to action: 


The Blissful Mind

Here Catherine leads you into some of her favourite posts. Awesome.


The Freedom Experiment

Whereas Marthe on her website leads you into an opt-in for a free download. 


Show us your about page! How are you making it pop? 


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