5 Moments All Lady Bosses Understand

The world of running your own business, especially an online business and most definitely an online business as a woman. is truly a world of its own.  I feel like there are things you only experience until you dive or cannonball right in! It is full of growth, risk, passion, wrestle and total reward. 


There are moments where we feel so stinking alive and other moments where we feel a whole new breed of crazy. 


And so today, I want to turn the light on and give space to some of the moments we think we just face alone, when really all of us are experiencing them. This is how community starts. This is how we grab our power back together. 


1. The moment where we feel like we have no idea what we're doing.

You know the one. Maybe you feel a little wild, a little out of your element, maybe drinking a little too many glasses of wine, swallowing your fear and closing your eyes and just doing the thing. You have no idea how it is going to happen, but you have a dream or an idea that is like fire in your heart.

We all live here. We all exist here. None of have this figured out. 


2. The moment where we think, "This is so exciting! How did this get to be my life?" 

Something you created exploded. Someone was deeply impacted by what you do. You got an opportunity so big that you could never even dream it up. Your story touches the heart of someone. Those moments are like pure bliss. Honestly drink them up and store em' in your soul. 


3. The moment where you try something new and it is downright exhilarating.

You got on a stage and spoke. You got on a webinar even though you hate video. You got in Photoshop and created something. You wrote for the Huffington Post. You went to a networking event. You did your first sales call. You invested in your business.

All these things, that maybe you haven't done before, but step out and try for the first time - damn, that's like breathing in cold air. It is refreshing. It is so terrifying, but it is all bits of refreshing. 


4. The moment all your issues rise to the surface and it terrifies you. 

One thing I've come to know about business is that anything and everything will rise in your heart especially as a creative person. If you're terrified of rejection, you're going to feel that. If you have a poverty mindset, it is going to come out. If you are scared that you'll never be a success, boom - there it is.

It is about knowing how to face those things head on so they stop destroying you and start showing you where to dig in so that you can become more powerful, more resilient, more on fire.


5. The moment you fail. 

Failure gets a bad rap. We fear it and hate it. It makes us uncomfortable and awkward. We don't like failing! We love being awesome. But failure is almost like this beautiful sense of re-direction. It helps create movement in our lives. We've all been here. We've all failed. We've all made massive mistakes. 

These moments are ones that transform us and breathe life into the biggest of visions. 


Which one do you resonate with the most?