5 Encouragements Every Woman Needs to Hear

Encouraging women is my passion. 


Over the years, I've noticed common encouragements that every woman is hungry to hear. Take these encouragements and hear them for yourself, but also share them with the women in your life at any chance you get. 


Let's dive in, already. 


You are enough. 

You are inherently enough. The proof of that is in your breath, in the very reality that you're here reading these words right now. Your enoughness showed up within you today, so you can show up too. 


You have what it takes.

You have what is needed to be a booming success, an incredible leader, and a powerful woman. It is already in you. You don't need to find it in someone else, you've already got it girl. Just look inside. 


You're going to make it. 

You're going to make it work and you're going to make it happen. You're going to break through the frustrations and you're going to rise on the other side. Picture yourself on the other side of this thing because that's exactly where you're headed. 


You belong. 

You belong among this community. You have a place, a space that is only yours to fill, and when you don't show up, we miss you, but when you do, we are changed by you. You're not an afterthought, you're valued, important and absolutely necessary to this community. 


You are unique. 

You have something so extraordinary within you. You are this gorgeous blend of calling, passion, skills, personality, story and voice. No one has the type of extraordinary that you have. 


What encouragement means the most to you to hear?