4 Ways to Fight Loneliness as an Online Entrepreneur

Have you ever felt lonely in the running of your business? Have you ever wondered why all your closest friends live so far away because you made them through Twitter? Have you ever felt the sting of being misunderstood? Do you talk to yourself because you've been sitting at your computer for hours on end?  Or maybe that's just me. ;) 


Sometimes, it gets really lonely doing this entrepreneur life.


We get sold on these romantic notions of what our lives could look like. We imagine what it might feel like if we quit our jobs and worked for ourselves. We see through this rose colored lens, but we don't always realize the sacrifices that have to be made too. 


For me, I have experienced some of that sacrifice on all that feelings of lonely. I am so connected; I've got the followers, I do the Skype dates and I love meeting new people. I mean really, it is like my energy drink.


But who are the people that show up on a Friday night, who do I call when my heart needs a friend and who is going to show up when I just need another human being in the same room with me? 


Even beyond that, what about being misunderstood? Not everyone is going to get you, and not everyone needs to. But in the process of that, it might look awfully close to not belonging.


And so what do we do with the loneliness? How do we create support systems in our life that fuel us instead of drain us? Let's get into it. 


Heart Dialogue. 

Heart Dialogue is a tool I created for connecting in with your own heart, so that you can not only feel connected with your own heart, but know how to move forward in your life or business in a way that feels true to you. If you missed my post on it, check it here. 

Sometimes we feel lonely, because we feel disconnected, even from ourselves. So practice some Heart Dialogue and sit with yourself. Connect with your own heart. See what the things are that are stirring within you. Allow them to come to the surface. Feel them and celebrate them. 


Create a mastermind group.

Find a few people you've connected with online and invite them to come together, so you can have a crew that gets in one another's corner. Design it however you want it to look. Maybe it is setting on Skype once a month to help each other and strategize using hot seats or the like.

Maybe it is more text or email based and it is encouragement focused. Maybe it relies heavily on collaborating with one another. Maybe instead of doing a group, you simply have accountability partners. Get intentional about creating a support system that works for you. 


Have regular meetings with local creatives. 

There is absolutely nothing like getting together in person. It is like a breath of fresh air and it can be truly energizing. Do you know a fellow online entrepreneur in your city? Invite them out for coffee. See someone on social media who lives in the same city? Ask them out. Know of any local meet-ups? Make them a priority and get your face in front of other people's. It is a good, good thing. 


Get out of the house, girl. 

Like put real pants on. Walk out your door. Go somewhere. Do something. It will shake you out of loneliness in an amazing way. Feel the breeze on your face and the sun on your cheeks, my friend. You need it. 


Do you struggle with loneliness? How do you conquer it?