4 Ways to Build Brand Recognition and Stand Out

I've been pondering a lot about how to create natural and authentic brand recognition.


Often, I will find that certain items or words will remind me of people or their brands without them doing a thing. That's the power of brand recognition. It is creating moments when your brand is thought of even if someone isn't on your website or in the same room as you. 


Creating a recognizable brand has the power to give you more influence, more reach and more impact. It not only amplifies the work that you do, but it also empowers people to be advocates for your brand, going out there to tell your story and message for you, because you're on their brain more than the rest. 


I want to dig into four ways you can build recognition today, so that you can become a knock-out brand and start shining like I know you can. 


Establish your visuals.

One of the biggest ways to create brand recognition is to have consistent visuals. The biggest tools I've used especially when I am doing everything myself is to use a brand board to make sure that all my visuals align with my established branding. Another tip is using knock-out templates for social media or blog posts so that you can pop and people can become familiar with your style. 


Choose 2-3 details for connection. 

This is by far my favourite way and if you're going to only pick one of these, do this one. Pick two to three details about you and your brand that you share often that create connection. They can be really simple details; something that you love, or something that you use in your every-day such as a food, a drink, a gesture, a color or a song.

For example, whenever I think of Kayla Hollatz, I think of hot chocolate or when I think of flamingos, I always think of the ladies over at Flock & Co. Now because of that, whenever I see those things wherever I am, I will instantly think of them and that puts my brand on my mind consistently. 


Practice your message.

It is really powerful when you can practice your message consistently over multiple platforms, projects and audiences. You start to become known for those messages. And when people hear those messages in other places, they start to wonder if you're involved in that too, or if you know about it yet, giving you greater reach and impact. 

If you've struggled to find your message, I encourage you to check out my workbook on digging into your core message. Ultimately your message has themes. For example, some themes of my messaging are women empowerment, and imperfection. 


Become trustworthy through consistency. 

Whatever you're doing and whatever you're committing to do in the world through your business, be consistent. Know where you're showing up, know how you're showing up and know how often you are doing it. This can be hard for us visionaries, but the more you can throw yourself in consistency, the more trustworthy you can become. 

Don't see it as a thing you have to do, but see it as a thing that you get to do, because you are showing the world and your audience that you are an honest and full-hearted leader that can be trusted.


What step will you take first to build more recognition around your brand?