34 Ways to Share Your Fire

Sharing your fire is one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself + our world. 


Some people have trouble finding their fire – I struggled with spreading it and if you’re reading this, you’re probably like, “omg, girl, me too!”


I get it! Sharing what’s important to you can be new, uncomfortable and even scary. You want to live an amazing life, inspire others and make a difference, but you don’t know what to do or how to make it happen. Well, lovely, this is for you:  


Have a party (dancing encouraged).

Any time a group of 2 or more people come together with a purpose, it’s a party!


1. Tell your family about your vision.

2. Host a show on Youtube interviewing people who inspire you.

3. Cheer on other people living their dreams.

4. Get on periscope and invite all of your friends.

5. Participate in a protest (be safe!).

6. Plan a brunch get-together.

7. Volunteer at a 5k or a homeless shelter or a kids camp.

8. Have a sleepover to dream + plan for 2016.

9. Build a business that changes lives.

10. Join a twitter chat (or create your own!).

11. Call up your best friend and ask her about her fire.

12. Have a heart-to-heart with a stranger.

13. Throw an event in support of the cause most important to you.


Set your creativity on fire.


14. Create awesome jewelry and sell it on Etsy (or give it away).

15. Write an amazing blog post and share it all over the Internet.

16. Make candles and give them away as presents.

17. Take beautiful photos (of yourself/others/the world).

18. Write your beautiful book.

19. Wear clothes that inspire you. 

20. Knit comfy hats for the homeless.

21. Film a documentary to spread your message.

22. Sing unapologetically wherever you are and dance like no one’s watching.

23. Decorate your home + work space to support your fire. 

24. Cook some amazing, nourishing food for the soul.

25. Publish your inspiring poems.

26. Make music that moves people.


Be you.

That’s really what this entire list is really about, right? 


27. Say no.

28. Say yes.

29. Laugh until your stomach hurts.

30. Expect more from the world around you. 

31. Love fiercely.

32. Express your fears.

33. Celebrate your wins.

34. Share your story.


Let the world experience more of you.


Own your fire. Share it. Do more of what lights you up. Change the world.


Hey you! I'm Andréa Ranae. I'm a Leadership Coach + Impact Strategist who is passionate about helping women who want to change the world do so by leading a fierce life while making a fierce impact. I thrive off of one-person dance parties (featuring Beyoncé), goofy moments and guacamole. Come hang with me!

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