3 Ways to Encourage Others and Yourself

I don’t know if it is the people pleaser in me, but I love encouraging people. From small presents to big gestures, it makes me happy to see others in a positive mindset. I think what I have been realizing a lot lately is that so many people deal with lots of things. It may not be as intense as serious sickness or a loss, but people have a lot on their plate. 


They are overwhelmed with their circumstances. Lots of people try to hid it, but nine times out of ten you can still sense that something is a little off. 


So what do you do when you see someone a little under the weather? Shrug it off and let them deal with it alone? No! You encourage them! 


Send them a small note.

Pick up a pen and grab a piece of paper. Or pull up your email. You can even grab your phone. Let them know you are thinking about them. Tell them you are here for them. Send a funny gif or an old picture from a memory you share together. 



You certainly do not have to break the bank on this one to make an impact. Their favorite candy bar, an e-gift card from Starbucks or a new necklace you found in a thrift store that made you think of that person can mean a lot. 


Your time.

Everyone’s schedules get busy and cluttered with to-do’s. However, taking the time to clear your schedule for someone can speak volumes and really show you care. Sometimes people just need to be heard. Check in with them. Go to a coffee shop and just chat. It will be nice to catch up and see the best way you can encourage them. 


Are you the one that needs some encouragement? The recommendations above can also be applied to YOU!


Leave yourself a note on your bathroom mirror or at your desk. You can remind yourself that you are a great person with big dreams or that you’ve got this! Reward yourself with ice cream after a hard day at work or buy that top you have been eyeing for a few weeks. Treating yourself may give you a boost. Be sure to make time for yourself. Rest can be so helpful and encouraging. Do you have a crazy busy schedule? Add chill time to your calendar. Write it down in your planner. It may seem silly, but you may never get that chance unless you are intentional with setting aside your ‘me time’! 


I hope these ideas can help you or someone you love! What are some ways that you encourage those around you? Help spread the positivity!


Hello there! My name is Madison Miles. I am a Virginia native but I currently live in the great steel city of Birmingham, Alabama. I am the writer of Keeping the Creativity - a blog I started after graduating college to help deal with my post-grad struggles. I love design, styling and photography along with putting my thoughts to paper or keyboard. Keeping the Creativity has been a great outlet and passion of mine to help others and myself through post-grad life. I certainly want to let people know they are loved and capable of amazing things! Nice to meet you!

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