3 Ways to Emotionally Process Running a Business

Running your business can be hard on your heart. I mean, let's just talk about it. 


First off, there is so much stuff that shoots to the surface in you, when you put yourself out there on the daily. You're pushed to face your fears and greatest insecurities. You're dealing with resistance and you may even find that pain from the past is being brought up in you. 


Second, you're doing really brave things. You're learning how to work through failure, imperfection and mistakes. You're learning how to handle criticism and how to be resilient in everything that you do. 


Those two things tell me that it is a required skill to know how to emotionally process all that is going on in your business. 


And you could let things slide and push yourself hard and not deal, and that would be totally fine. But a couple things would happen. First, because you're not processing anything, fears and failures might be cementing themselves as identity inside of you. Two, you will not be able to bring everything that you got because you haven't cleared out all the hard stuff, to make more room for the good stuff. 


So, how does one emotionally process their business? I'm going to give you my three greatest tips. 


Grieve the things that don't work out how you wanted them to. 

Sometimes things really hurt. And it is okay to be sad. Things in business fall apart all the time and you can give yourself a moment to fall apart too. Whether it was when my community fell apart or when a new venture had failed, I gave myself the time to cry it out. To allow all those feelings I was feeling to burst through to the surface and to just be.

The key is to feel all that emotion, give yourself that moment, just don't stay there. 


Use journalling to separate results from your identity. 

A powerful tool for separating results from identity is using journalling. If you're not into journalling, you could also talk it out with a friend. Allow yourself to walk through something hard that has happened in your business, and outline the results. Write about what happened; did something fail, or were your expectations not met? Write out.

Then, examine if any of those results have bled into your identity. Example, you had a failed launch, has any of that slipped in so that you now see yourself as a failure? Use this moment to reject that and carve out truth instead.


Become a truth-hunter in every situation for the sake of your heart. 

Develop the ability in yourself to search for the truth in every situation that is happening in your business. Instead of thinking the worst or banking out on fear and insecurity, discover the truth of what is really going on and have massive grace on yourself in the process.

Your pitch got a no? It wasn't the right fit, not a rejection of you. A business friend unfriended you? Your friendship was for a season. You have changed your business name three times? You're finding yourself. 


How do you emotionally process your business? Tell me in the comments!