3 Self-Care Rhythms That Will Transform How You Feel (Free Workbook!)

Self care is a big deal around here because I believe that the more you take care of yourself, the more you're able to pour out through your business. And girl, we need you to pour out all the goodness in you. It is your magic. 


Let's see self-care as it really is. Not a nice thing to do when we want to spoil ourselves, but a necessity to running a wholehearted business. 


One thing that has really helped me in the pursuit of self care has been something I've coined called self care rhythms. This is the intentional setting up of self care practices in your schedule, so that it becomes a way of life for you. 


From implementing these things in my own life, I have seen a marked notice on how I feel in the daily and how much I am able to give to those around me without feeling drained. Let's see if they can create something beautiful for you, too. 



Take time one afternoon or Saturday to sit down and write a list of self-care activities that you know really work well for you, making you feel nurtured, refreshed and taken care of. Write down as many as you can and whenever you think of some more, simply add to the list!

You can use this list to have it on hand at all times. Whenever you're feeling low on energy or not feeling super loved, just pick something off your menu. Even better, every Sunday before your week starts, place self care activities throughout your week. 

That way, you're setting yourself up for some self-care success. 



Hard days, dang they're real and we all have them. It is the hard days that can really spin us out. And that's the last thing we want. In your head or written down, whatever works better for you, make note of triggers you can use for when you're having a hard day, to implement that self care activity. 

For example: 

When I am feeling sad = take a bubble bath. 

When someone is mean to me online = call a friend. 

When I have a failed launch = spend time being creative like fingerpainting. 



You know that feeling when you're super exhausted and all you want to do is veg out and not think about life? We've all been there, sometimes more often than we want to be. And I think there is a great place to just sit down and binge Netflix, but have you ever noticed that when you do that, you don't feel refreshed, you almost feel empty? I have. 

I want to challenge the way you respond to your tiredness, too. What other activities can you do when you feel tired to veg out while still having it fuel you? Maybe things such as taking a walk, being creative, listening to podcasts, etc. 


Experiment with these rhythms and see how it could transform how you feel about yourself, and the energy and confidence you have every single day. Then come back and tell me all about it in the comments!