3 Questions You Must Answer in Your About Page


A lot of people freak out about their 'about' page. It kind of feels like a lot of pressure or a personal dilemma waiting to happen, "WELL WHO AM I?" But I promise you that about pages are meant to be natural and to flow with ease.


About pages are simply you answering people's questions before they even get a chance to ask them.


So with that, let's jump into three big questions you want to answer. 


Question #1: Who are you talking to?

You take one google search on starting a business and you're going to see something about target market and creating an ideal customer profile. I remember when I first started in business, I hated the idea of such a thing because I felt like I was excluding people and setting myself up for failure. 


Tip: Clarity isn't making you exclusive. Clarity is targeting your brilliance.


Start your about page with a lot of the word "you." This is you just talking to your people. You are striking up a chat with them about who they are, where they're at and what they're doing. Hit up the things you know resonate with their heart. By speaking to who they are, you're setting yourself as someone who is on their side. 


Question #2: Who the heck are you anyway?

Answer the question of who you are. How did you get here and why are you here? Tell us about your passion and your story. We want to hear about your personal investment and conviction. Tell us this, why are you in this? 


In this place, you can catch us with that thing that sets you apart. Maybe through your passion, your vision, your sense of humour, your sarcasm, your experience or your credibility. Pick out what your catch is and just bring it, not in a sleazy way but in an authentic, "this is who I am damn it," type of way.


Question #3: What are you doing for people and why should they care?

This is where you tell us what you're practically doing. You're jumping into your services, your blog, your products, your presence. You're telling us how this answers our biggest questions and fills some of our biggest needs. You're telling us how this is going to absolutely change our lives (I mean, if that's what you believe it will do). 


Tip: Don't do anything unless you wholeheartedly, one hundred percent believe in it.


So maybe you're thinking, "Okay Ashley. This is awesome. But how?" Well, I am so glad you asked! I am going to write you a short example. 




Let's say there is this girl named Sally. Sally has a print shop with a heart to remind women how powerful they are. For ease, let's say Sally wants to make her about page three paragraphs to answer the three questions. 


You are a woman who knows that you were made to stand up and stand tall. You're tired of media who tries to downplay your influence and power. You're ready to shout out with your entire being, guts included, that you are powerful. 
I am Sally and for such a long time, I downplayed by power, letting people trample all over me. I didn't know the authority my voice carried and I gave away too much of myself for free. I created this brand of prints because I know there is something powerful inside of you and I want to call it out. My story doesn't have to be your story. You can start today.
As you jump in my store, you'll see a series of prints with declarations that remind you of your power. You're done with playing small, I get it. Put these on your walls, on your mirror, in your car to remind yourself and transform your thinking that you are worthy. 
I believe in you, girl. 


Do you see how I answered those three questions and you got a taste of who she is, what she is offering and most importantly how she wants to help you?