3 Pillars to a Viral Social Media Campaign

Over the past few years, I've experimented a lot with leading social media campaigns that catch on like wildfire. Some of them have been more of a hit than others, but I am obsessed with the energy and momentum that happens when people come together online to make some noise. 


Many of you reading this would have been involved in #theimperfectboss campaign this past May or October and that movement has by far been the most successful to date. It is my baby and I love the vulnerability and heart that happens in there. 


Transforming your business from a service or product transaction to a movement will not only electrify your online presence, but set you up as a leader to follow. 


I am going to uncover for you the three pillars I've discovered are necessary to making a social media movement, campaign or challenge go viral. So, you can do some of the goodness I do in my brand, in yours too! 



Pillar #1: Vision

You need a vision that resonates with people. A compelling vision is one that is rooted in your story, meets people in their pain and offers a solution of some kind whether that is action based or heart based. 

I'll break it down for you in an example. 

The Imperfect Boss.

Story: it was born out of my story of feeling like this standard of perfection was being preached on social media, and it paralyzed me from action and my own power in my business.

Pain: I knew that if I felt this, I must not be alone. I chose to meet those who feel that same pressure or paralysis to be perfect. Maybe they are feeling suffocated by it or holding back on what they really have to offer because of it. 

Solution: I empowered them to post vulnerable confessions, so they could get free from what was holding them back and also find encouraging community. 


Vision #2: Visuals

I'm going to get straight to it, you could have the most amazing idea and the most incredible way to mobilize people, but if you don't have incredible and well-done visuals, you'll take your awesomeness. 

Why? Because we live in an online world where we judge things on their looks. You do it, I do it and we all do it. If your graphics, website or anything of the like has lack-lustre branding or execution, it is not going to go viral and it is simply not going to fly. 

Hire a designer if you need to. Make well thought out branding an important piece in your social media campaign. 


Vision #3: Community

The success of a social media campaign isn't contained in what happens while the campaign is live, but what you did in the months preparing for it. Cultivate your existing community and mobilize them to get involved. Work with friends and existing relationships to pull them in. Develop relationships with key influencers to have them as experts, guests or voices to contribute to whatever it is that you're doing. 

To make anything go viral, you need people. Whether it is by using your existing community or mobilizing new people, think about how you can involve people in your vision. By the way, if your vision is strong enough, it'll speak for itself and it will make community incredibly easy. 


Do you have an idea for a social media campaign that you want to do? What do you think that could look like for you?