27 Ways to Build Community Around Your Dream


You can have an incredible story, a powerful brand, and amazing products but if you don't have community, you'll never make the impact you were born to make. You need people. You've needed people your entire life and that doesn't change in business or dream-making action either. 


We have been given such a unique opportunity in our age to create community in so many spaces and places; to close the gap on distance and to crush the walls that try and separate us. 


Let's not settle for loneliness. Let's not settle for competition without any collaboration. Let's not settle for independence without relatioship. 


We're thrown together a list of 27 little ways to build community around your business, dream, or project! 


There is room for all of us to be booming successes. 


1. Engage in your social media. Stop caring about the numbers. Start caring about the people. 

2. Send a handwritten letter. To your clients, people you talk with online or someone you just miss.

3. Do a Kickstarter. Got a big dream or a wild idea? Crowdfund it. 

4. Go to Twitter Chats. Including ours Tuesdays at 9pmEST! You'll meet amazing people. 

5. Call out the awesome in someone. Just tell them the greatness you see in them. It means something. 

6. Collaborate. Podcasts, guest blogs, partnered intiatives. Make some magic happen with someone outside your circle. 

7. Create a mastermind. Grab a few friends who are also in business or making their dreams happen and be an encouragement and strength to one another. 

8. Support other passionate, gutsy women. Buy from their shops, engage in their intiatives, shw up to their events. 

9. Go to a networking event. Like in-person. If they make you nervous, bring a friend. It helps. 

10. Be vulnerable + authentic. People can see facades from a million miles away. Just be yourself. That's where true community is born. 

11. Create a free challenge. Whether it is on social media or say a five-day email challenge, make it happen and watch people bond over a shared experience. 

12. Use hashtags. When it comes to social media, this is a great way to find other people and for other people to find you! 

13. Send a note to someone you admire. Whoever they are, send them a note to let them know that you admire them or they inspire you. 

14. Rock your email list. Be consistent. Show up for people. 

15. Don't let money be your focus. If it is, you'll always be unhappy. Make serving people your target. 

16. Set up phone dates. See someone you think you'd totally jive with? Reach out and ask them for a chat! What's the worst that could happen? :) 

17. Battle comparison with connection. Honestly, it is the best way. When you feel those vibes coming on, step in with connection and support to the person you want to compare yourself to. 

18. Make a meeting place for people. Whether it is virtual like a twitter chat or google hang-out or a meet-up in a coffee shop. Give people space to know you and know each other. 

19. Do shout-outs. Always. Every-day. At every opportunity. 

20. Give away something for free. I mean people love free things. And the right people will stay around. 

21. Comment on people's blogs. You wouldn't believe how much people enjoy this! 

22. Be a day-maker. Determine to leave people always more encouraged than when you found them. 

23. Cast vision. Nothing will bring people together like an incredible vision. Learn what yours is and communicate it with conviction. 

24. Join FB groups. There are some incredible free ones out there. Find them and take advantage of the amazing opportunity to meet people in there! 

25. Shake off the haters. They might come. Don't let those things land on you. 

26. Join a paid membership. There can be some incredible benefits in joining one of these! 

27. HAVE FUN. After all, life deserves to be celebrated. 


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