22 Ways to Add Punch to Your Website Copy


Awesome, strong copy can set you apart from your competition. It can set you up to connect people with you in such a way that leaves them excited and even attached to you and what you're doing.


Knowing how to talk about your fire is a necessary skill to taking dreams to reality. 


We do a lot of copy for bloggers and business owners around here and we love it! We decided to throw together a list of 40 things you can do right now to add more punch to your copy wherever you're hanging out. 


Ready. Set. Go. 


1. Talk about them, more than you talk about you. Aka, utilize the word, "you." 

2. Decide how you want to make people feel before you write any words. 

3. Have a vision for your online presence. Without one, you'll never be convicted on what to say.

4. The Thesaurus is your friend. People get desensitized to words. Use different ones. 

5. Put your personality into your words. Write like you talk. 

6. Adjectives are fun! But don't use too many. Like good cheese.

7. Read it out loud to someone. Does it sound like you? Or is it a stretch? 

8. Know who you're writing to. Know them down to specifics. 

9. Details are perfect. Throw as many references into copy as you can like a Starbucks coffee.

10. Heart and strategy are both important, but heart is most important. Passion is contagious.

11. Get excited about it! It will come through your words! 

12. Add personal details to your Twitter or Instagram bio. 

13. Know what you want to give away to people. Let that determine your content. 

14. Watch that spacing. Seriously. Have a good amount of white space between paragraphs.

15. Short is better than long-winded. Use words intentionally. 

16. See words like bullets. Throw as much punch as you can into each word. 

17. Talking to your audience is a dance. It is about knowing them and learning how they work.

18. Use proper punctuation, grammar and spelling! An awesome tool for this: Grammarly

19. Instead of sales pitches, write love letters. 

20. Hear people talk about their problems in their voices. Use those exact words to come back at them with your answer. 

21. Use your words to lead people on a journey through your web content. 

22. Don't be afraid to make people laugh. 


What are your suggestions for copy for your website? Let us hear them!