21 Affirmations for Heart-Led Entrepreneurs

I am so passionate about words of truth spoken. It dictates so much of how I see people and how I have chosen to build my online presence. I believe that words of truth can bring so much healing, and transformation.


That words even have the ability to pull someone into their greatness. That's how powerful they are. 


On the other side of that, untrue words can create so much damage. They can set up a home in someone's heart and create fear and confusion. I think we have all had those moments, where we suddenly find ourselves returning to something that someone told us ten years ago. 


And I think that it is not about you having to wait for someone to say something great to you, but you can start speaking life and speaking affirmations over your own heart, your own business, your own life. 


It is not about saying things just to say them, but it is about putting your voice behind truth over your own life that makes you a powerful person in life and business. 


I've written twenty-one affirmations you can use to get started. 


1. I am a brave woman for saying yes to my passions and showing up with them every single day. 

2. No matter what today holds, I started today out as being enough and I'll end it the same way. 

3. My work is deeply needed in the world, so I will give my everything. 

4. Not fear or failure could ever change how amazing I am. 

5. There is an impact I was born to give and I change lives on the daily. 

6. I am inherently worthy because there is breath in my lungs and I am still here. 

7. Whatever obstacle comes in front of me today, I can face it because I am a powerful woman. 

8. I am not defined by followers on my social media. I am defined by how loved I am and that is infinite. 

9. Everything is coming together for my good. Everything. 

10. My heart is a powerful resource in my business, not a detriment to the work that I do. 

11. There is something incredible that is going to happen today. I am going to watch for it. 

12. I can care for myself knowing that this body is simply a vessel. 

13. I experience breakthrough in every area of my life consistently. 

14. Wherever my heart is believing things that aren't true about who I am and what I do, those places are being healed and transformed. 

15. I have a vibrant hope for my future because I am doing this. I'm really doing this. 

16. My life will be marked by dreams fulfilled and a heart restored.

17. I make incredible relationships with amazing people who strengthen me and I strengthen in return. 

18. Every thought that does not bring me life and peace, I let it go. 

19. I am an amazing woman with an amazing business. 

20. There are people who need what I have to give, and so I will give pour out my heart and skills with generosity and integrity. 

21. Nothing can stop me from creating a life and business that fills me up. I am unstoppable. 


Have fun with these, my friend. Say them out loud and see how things shift within. 


HeartAsh Beaudinaffirmations