5 Ways to Stay Inspired


Living a lifestyle of inspiration is one of the most powerful and fueling decisions you can make. 



Inspiration does not only pull you into movement, but it stirs up your passion and encourages you to keep going. Inspiration speaks to the possibility inside of you and says, "Let's do this."



 Living out of that sense of vision and possibility enables you to make your mark and make it well. 



There are a few ways I stay inspired and I have included them right up in here for you. 




Do life with people. Find your people in real life. Find your people online. Jump into community wherever you are.  Having community can make you, but not having community can break you. There is such a place for you. If you're looking for an amazing community to join, jump into the sisterhood! We are ready to welcome you with open arms. 




There are specific things that bring you life, that when you get around them and when you fill your life with them, you feel supercharged and ready to go for it. Maybe for you that could be parts of nature like the ocean or colours or flowers or being with people or well-told story or fashion or design or laughter. Write a list of those things and fill your life with them. 




There are different stories that we get inspired by uniquely told through music, movies or books. For me, I know that if I watch a movie that tells the story of someone who saw a need and stepped into make social change, I am ready to walk out of the theatre fist-pumping. Know the stories that inspire you. Know whether you're more Katy Perry or Beyonce or Carrie Underwood. Know whether you're more inspired by stories of beauty or change or romance or humour. Know yourself. 




Regardless of what you might read on Pinterest sometimes, inspiration is equally rest and play as it is hustle. No one who is burnt out can keep moving forward and run towards their dreams out of place of strength and fire. Take time in your life to rest. To be still. To embrace the quiet. To get messy. To do things that fill you up. To play hard.




Cozy up into a place where you can give your heart the space to speak out. Speak out your passion, speak out what inspires you, speak out your vision. Again, just feel that flushing of passion through your veins and remember why you started and why you're showing up to life bravely and boldly. 



It is possible to stay inspired. It is possible to be fueled out of a place of desire. It is possible to do things that make you jump out of bed in the morning. It is possible for you. 




Ashley is an a visionary and firecracker. She is inspired by colours and oceans and women alive with passion. She is the leader of this awesome and brave community. Oh, and she will probably try to make you laugh. 

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