Do This and Let Go of Self-Doubts



There are these self-doubts that get us to take our eyes off the vision and onto ourselves, suddenly looking for the nerves and cracks in our very own humanity. It is like this wait-a-second that starts to sit in your throat where it feels like all of you could get up for a moment to fling yourself at hesitation with one loud, "wait, nevermind." 



Self-doubt is real and we are humans. We are here. These wounds are real. These fears are real. These insecurities and gaps and spaces left wanting are real. 



I know what it means to wrestle with self-doubt. I know what it means to look in the mirror and you aren't sure about this or that. i know what it means to process your life and decisions under this lens of every other voice that are throwing opinions at you. I know what it feels like to squander for power in your life, like you just don't know what that looks like and yet you're so damn hungry to be whole.



And so overcoming self-doubt, letting go of it, looking at it in the face and saying, "no thanks," is a journey. I think it is an every-day-journey. It is not one mountain climb, one milestone, one plateau.



It is this every day journey of saying yes to the fire in your soul, yes to the desires of your heart, yes to the grace with which you were formed. 



And you know what kills self-doubt? Conviction. 



I've met a lot of people who do a lot of hoping. They hope that they are awesome. They hope that they have purpose. They hope that they are beautiful. And hope is healthy, I think we can all use a little more hope in our lives, but the thing sometimes about hope is that if you don't know what you're hoping in, anyone or anything that comes by with what you're looking for, you lurch at like a woman who hasn't eaten in ten years. 



And it time for you to get convinced.



Because you can be convinced that you're passionate and beautiful. You can be convinced that the work that you do is important. You can be convinced that you are brave. You can be convinced that you have what it takes, that people need what you carry on the inside. 



There is something about conviction that kills self-doubt. Because when you're convinced on the inside, you won't buckle down for just anyone who comes along. 



You'll show up. You'll stay. You'll plunge your roots deep. You'll say yes with your head lifted up. 



Get convicted, woman. You're here and you're here to make a difference. 



Ashley is an a visionary and firecracker. She is inspired by colours and oceans and women alive with passion. She is the leader of this awesome and brave community. Oh, and she will probably try to make you laugh. 

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