How To Become An Idea Machine


Ideas are powerful. The world gets changed by ideas. Stories get written because of ideas. Lives get transformed with ideas.


That's the exact place where it starts and that's where magic happens. 


Being an idea-machine is not about brilliance, it is simply about your response to one question -- are you willing to look silly and crazy if it means tapping into your most creative, powerful self? 


Ideas start in playfulness. They just do. And sometimes you'll look straight-up-nuts but this is where it starts. 


So, how do you become an idea machine? Girl, I got you. Immerse yourself in my tidbits below. Swim in them. The current is awesome.


Write everything down. No matter how silly, wild, crazy. Write them down. 


Tell your ideas to someone who is open. I repeat, open. You don't want someone to shut down every idea nor do you want someone who will tell you to quit your job and do each one. 


Get inspired by the world around you. Let it speak to your heart.


Step out on the ideas that have been brewing in your soul for a long time come.


Create movement in your life. Physical. Spiritual. Emotional. Literal. 


Fall in love with the heart of people. It'll change you. 


Find people who are wildly creative and hang out with them.


Do something to spark your brilliance and playful spirit. Dance. Paint. Sing-at-top-of-lungs.


Let go of the fear of being wrong for forever. 


Make a decision to be on your own team.


If an idea isn't working out, shake it off. And move on. 


Failure is a teacher, don't make it your enemy. 


How do you keep the ideas going? Share with us in the comments like a boss. 


Ashley is an a visionary and firecracker. She is inspired by colours and oceans and women alive with passion. She is the leader of this awesome and brave community. Oh, and she will probably try to make you laugh. 

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