3 Ways To Make Amazing Decisions


I want to start off by simply making one honest declaration to your heart.


You make good decisions. 


Sometimes we pick up beliefs about ourselves that aren't true either from experience or other people, but the truth of it is, that you are amazing at making decisions. That capability and power is inside of you. And I just called it out. Boom. 


For some people, making decisions comes with a lot of pressure. We are afraid of making a mistake and we have really made out "wrong decisions" as this phantom enemy in our lives. 


Making bad decisions isn't your enemy, but the fear of making bad decisions is. 


If you tie your identity into the choices you're making and the success of those choices, nothing exciting comes from that place. Identity and results are two different things. They are two completely different lanes. If you can catch that in your heart and run with it, it could transform your life.


But there are little things we can pick up on the way to help us make awesome choices and I've got three pat-on-the-back tidbits for ya. 



Decide for yourself right now that you are capable of making awesome choices. Forget about the past and whatever has gone down prior to this moment and realize that you have the strength and gumption inside to do what is right for you. 



Ultimately, we can wrestle through things when we really know what to do. Part of that is just because fear gets in the way and has a little too much fun. Many times, you know what the right thing is for you, what feels good, what you're being called to. Follow that gut. It is in you on purpose. 



Have those people in your life who are going to shoot it to your straight, who aren't out to flatter you or talk you down, but who will give you honest feedback. Those people are a true gift and allow them to be that gift in your life. Ask them questions! Share your heart. Know that their feedback does not have to define your direction but give it the space to speak to your heart. 


Those things you've been avoiding making decision on? Go do them today.


You're powerful and you are capable. So, make it happen. 



Ashley is an a visionary and firecracker. She is inspired by colours and oceans and women alive with passion. She is the leader of this awesome and brave community. Oh, and she will probably try to make you laugh. 

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