20 Ways to Invest in Your Heart


I believe that your heart is one of your greatest resources when it comes to your business and learning how to invest back into your heart to take care of it is of such great value. 


There is a place for strategy, for numbers and for making it work, but there is also insane importance on how your soul is doing, connection, self-care and making sure that you are still aligned with what you're doing. 


You know that feeling when you feel stuck or drained in your business? Guaranteed, you simply need to invest back into your heart.


Your heart hustles. It gives so much of itself to see you succeed. Show it care. Tweet that!


So, here are twenty ways to invest back in your heart today. 


1.  Just start. Start seeing your heart as a priority. 

2. Accept yourself as whole and enough right where you are, right now. 

3. Spend time with someone who knows your gold + your scars. They put the heart at ease. 

4. Know your core values and have them fill your life. You are filled up by what you value. 

5. Practice self-care. Whatever it is that make you feel incredibly nurtured, do it. 

6. Lean in and find out what moves you. And feel yourself respond. 

7. Journal. There are some thoughts that just need to get out of you. 

8. Remind yourself of truth. Sometimes all you need to do is just whisper it and remember. 

9. Let some people go. There are some that you just need to release. So unclench. 

10. Color. This is all the rage and for good reasons. Let your mind go and your crayons go crazy.

11. Practice forgiveness. Don't let the weight follow you around for a second longer. 

12. Stay still. Become aware of all that is happening inside of you. 

13. Ask your heart questions. Especially the ones you've been avoiding. 

14. Face what hurts. Overcome it so that it stops standing in your way. Healing is beautiful. 

15. Therapy. Trust me, therapy is for everyone. Not the few. Give your heart space to breathe. 

16. Listen. How do you talk about yourself? Is it life-giving? Adjust. 

17. Spend time doing something that absolutely lights you up. Because hello, woman on fire. 

18. Ask someone for a hug. You know, the kind that makes you feel invincible. 

19. Meditate. Take a few moments of silent and just sit on some truth. Become aware. 

20. Let go of the stories. The ones rehearsed by your past. Set them free. 


How do you invest in your heart? 

HeartAsh Beaudinheart