18 Signs You're a Soulful Entrepreneur


There is a breed of entrepreneurs who are more for heart, impact and intention than they are for their name in lights and million dollar months. They are driven out of their soul and the fire that rages within. 


Think you might be one? I've put together eighteen signs you probably are. 


1. You dream of how you can impact people and change the world. 


2. You are highly creative in the arts or simply just in how you think. 


3. You love, love, love connecting with people. 


4. You carry a sensitivity that allows you to hold space for the people you work with. 


5. You bear the marks of criticism that you just couldn't seem to shake. 


6. You speak with a fire that is contagious. 


7. You have a huge heart that you pour into everything that you put your hand to. 


8. You operate out of your own story of breakthrough and momentum. 


9. You are passionate, passionate, passionate. 


10. You feel things deeply. 


11. You truly want to help people. 


12. You are learning to take your power instead of exhausting yourself over everything that everyone needs. 


13. Your empathy is so on point. 


14. You believe your intuition is a gift. 


15. You know the importance of fun, letting go and rest. 


16. You play in a big way, so that you can work in a huge way. 


17. Your values are something you hold super close to what you do. 


18. You are who you are and you won't compromise for anyone or anything. 



Do any of these seem familiar to you?