15 Truths You Need to Be Telling Yourself on the Regular


You've got the license to speak truth to your own heart. You don't need to wait for someone else to do it, but you can actually do it for yourself. You can remind yourself of powerful encouragements, truths, prayers, or declarations that you need to hear most. 

Learning how to speak to your own heart can transform you from insecure to full-out confidence. 


We've gathered some truths that you can start to speak into your heart on the regular. 


Humour us, try it and see just how much it will change your life. 


1. I am loved. Inside out. From the very core of who I am. Day in. Day out. Never-changing. 

2. I am on purpose. Put on earth with intention. Carrying powerful truths and gifts for the world. 

3. I have a fire all my own. It is unique to me and it doesn't belong to anyone else. It is mine to show up with. 

4. I am powerful. I am capable and full of authority. I can speak up for myself and rock who I am. 

5. I am full, abundant, and prospering. I am not in lack, but I have what I need. I am surrounded by so much goodness and I am thankful. 

6. I am enough. Inherently, I am enough. It breaths through my lungs and flows through my veins. 

7. I have everything I need right now to make my dreams happen. I don't need anything else or anyone's approval. I have it all right now. So, what am I waiting for? 

8. I have something inside of me that the world is waiting for. There is a magic I bring that no one else can and it is an answer and a solution. 

9. I am a wild success. No matter the numbers or the opinions or the raves, I am a wild success. I am a wild success simply for showing up, being brave and being myself. 

10. Failure is not my definition. I am defined by passion. If I fall, slip or mess up; I embrace it. Because failure doesn't dictate who i am, but I am defined by the passion that I throw into everything I do. 

11.  I don't just dream big, I show up big. I don't just fantasize and hope, but I am convicted about being present, about doing the hard work, about making the good things happen. 

12. I am worthy and deserving of goodness. I was never made for the darkness. I was always made for the light. 

13. I impact more people than I can even see right now. Even if I can't see their faces or know their names, I trust that my impact is deeper and further than I can imagine. 

14. I speak up for what I need without apology. When i need something, I put voice to it. I ask for it. 

15. I am fierce. I am  a woman. Hear me roar.  


What truth do you need to hear the most?