15 Things You Can Do Today to Get Your Brand Message Out There


If you wanna stand out, you need to know your message. And if you wanna get known for that message, you need to put yourself out there. The key to this is that you need to not just do it once in a blue moon, but you need to do it regularly.


There are so many ways to put your message out there, so don't feel like it is one way or the highway, but you can have fun with it, so that it can be done in a feel-good way. The beautiful thing about getting your message out there is that the more you do it, the more you become known for it, the more lives you reach, and the more confident you feel in your message. 


So, I've put together a list of 21 things you can do to get your message out there. Plop these in your calendar and do the thang. 


1. Talk about your message consistently on social media even when it feels like you're a broken record. Be a broken record.

 2. Brainstorm a list of blogs and articles that focus on or support your brand message and pitch them to larger blogs or magazines. 

3. Write down your speaking topics and put them on your website, so that people know exactly what you like to talk about. 

4. Start a podcast or pitch to be on someone else's podcasts. 

5. Live your message, so that anyone who gets close to you, knows exactly what you're about before you even say a word. 

6. Apply for speaking engagements at conferences, workshops or events in your industry. 

7. Look through your existing web copy and make sure that your messaging is weaved throughout the entire website; home page, about page, services page, and even your contact page. 

8. Start a movement that is steeped in your message for your brand such as a social media campaign or a line of products. 

9. Show up in a small handful of Facebook groups and respond to people who are dealing with problems that are directly related to your message. 

10. Write an email to your list sharing your message and a practical application that your audience can take to adopt that message to their life or business today. Be vulnerable. People love that. ;) 

11. Brainstorm how your story supports your message. What has happened to you that lends to your authority to speak this? 

12. Update your social media bios to reflect your message. People should have an idea of what your message is just by looking at your social media profiles. 

13. Take a look at your visuals whether they be in your graphic or web design or your photo feeds on social media. Pick 3-5 details that really resonate with your message and use those to create visual content. 

14. Host an online or in-person event. For example, if your message has to do with creativity, then run an audio series on how different creatives incorporate play in their practice. 

15. Design a product line steeped in your message. 


Which one are you going to try first?