15 Reasons Why Sisterhood Beats Competition Every Time


We are for sisterhood over competition. That thing resounds in every single thing we do. We are not interested in a compeition where women's purpose gets slaughtered over drama, negativity, self-doubt and insecurity. We are for sisterhood where every woman shows up to the table, owns who she is and we are all better for it. 

Let's jump into just why sisterhood kills it over compeition. Every single time. 


Because her success is not your failure. It just is not. Her success is your success. You want more success? Celebrate it in someone else. 

Encouragement creates family. Speaking life into one another and calling out the awesome in each other will instantly create family among us. And isn't that what we all need? To know we're not alone in this. But surrounded. 

Her bravery will call out yours. When your brave and do something that terrifies you, that instantly provokes us to do the same. Because if you can do it, we think 'dang, so can I.' 

We need eachother. There are spots where you're strong that we're not. There are spots we are each strong that you're not. When we come together, the weaknesses get filled with insane strength. 

Flash mobs are better than solo dance parties. I mean, really. I can slam it out in front of the mirror by myself, but there is something like tango-ing with your best friend that makes life a little more full. 

We can do more together than we can apart. We just can. We do it bigger, better and sometimes even faster. It is sheer genius and power. 

Laughter is contagious. Joy is necessary. Fun is necessary. When we're in this together, laughter is contagious and isn't joy the best thing to make us resilient in front of crazy odds? I think yes. 

Together, we are an unstoppable movement. Movement is a whole lot easier when we are running together. You're tired? I got you. You're frustrated? We're here. You're overwhelmed? Let us help. 

You make me stronger. When you call me out on my stuff, when you're like, "hey - made you need to work on this." That makes me more strong than I was earlier. 

Competition steals. Sisterhood gives life.  When we compete with one another, that is destructive. We lose momentum. We lose energy. We lose creativity. When we are a sisterhood, that is life. We are energized, more creative and on-fire. 

Dreams are made realities by community. Most dreams can't happen on one person. Most often, you'll need someone else and probably many other people. Dreams happen in the spirit of community. 

When one woman doesn't show up, we all miss out. When someone doesn't bring their fire, when they don't show up the table, when they just hide out -- that's a loss for all of us. We are changed by one another. 

You'll see awesome in me that I can't see. Same goes for you. The way you see me is likely not the way I see myself. The way I see you is likely not how you see yourself. We can see awesome in one another that can be called out. 

Celebrations are made to be epic parties. Aren't celebrations better with a group of people? With champagne or cake or Skittles?! Seriously. 

Sisters are forever. Not based on anyone's performance. And that's the perfect. No matter how well you think you are doing or how awful doesn't matter. This sisterhood -- this is forever.