15 Questions to Discover Your Brand Message

Your messaging is everything in your business. A strong, clear brand message will give you the power to truly stand out in your industry and make sure the right people are flocking to your table ready and wanting to learn from you, work with you and cheer for you. 


Now, when you're starting to really think about what your brand message could be, it can sometimes be difficult to really nail it down. One of the greatest things you can do when trying to find your message is sit with your own heart. I know it can be tempting to just see what everyone else's message is and then just adjust it to yours, but don't do this. 


Because you'll ultimately just end up right here again looking for your signature brand message. Trust me. Just trust me on this one. 


So, today I wanna give you twenty questions you can use to discover your brand message.


1. if you could tell your audience anything, even if they never work with you, what would you want to tell them? 

2. When you think about your passion for the work that you do, was there a moment where that passion started? How did it begin? 

3. Is there anyone who you look at and think, "man, if I could just help them with a, b, and c..."? Who are those people? What are you doing for them? 

4. What has been one of the biggest lessons you've had to learn in life or business? 

5. When you are complimenting or encouraging people, do you have a go-to encouragement? For example, I know some people have a go-to encouragement around courage, worth or beauty. What is yours? Dig deep. 

6. What do you wish someone told you ten years ago? 

7. What do you inherently believe about people, the industry you're in or your work? What beliefs dictate how you approach what you do? 

8. What do you want to invite people into? How do you want to change how they think, live or lead? 

9. What topic absolutely lights you up to talk about? What could you talk about for hours and still never get bored of? 

10. You can leave the world one message, but it can only be one sentence. What would that sentence be? 

11. What has been the biggest thing you've ever had to overcome? What did you learn in the process of that? 

12. What themes continue to show up in your work, social media and conversation? Write down 2-4 themes that you always seem to go to. 

13. If you were writing a manifesto for your business, what would be the most important piece of that manifesto? 

14. What does someone need to know before they ever work with you? Deeper than logistics or pricing or anything like that, what does their heart need to know? 

15. Your message is out on a billboard in Times Square. What does it say?

Write down your answers! Get as candid, playful, and honest as you can. When you're done, look through your answers and see if you can find as theme that continues to show up. What is it?


Now you're getting somewhere.