12 Truths on Making Friends as An Adult

I was pretty excited to write this post y'all because making friends as an adult is hard. 


After I graduated university, it became clear to me just how hard it would become. There is so much moving around, so many different paces of hitting life stages and we're busy people trying to make it all happen without losing any sleep.


We're practically dating around to try and find our new bestie. We don't want to be too much too fast, we want to be just right. 


Sometimes, we're losing each other, just because of distance, but also sometimes friendships get ended in a brutal way. And that holds a sting of its very own that we don't seem to talk about often enough. 


And so how do we make friends as an adult without seeming overbearing, crazy, or awkward? How do we make friends being completely ourselves with confidence? I've put together some of my biggest truths that I have found. 


1. Not every friendship is forever and that is okay. You can let people go. 


2. Healthy friendships have healthy communication at their very core. 


3. The best friendship you can invest in is becoming friends with yourself.


4. Not one person can fit all of your needs. Learn to meet your own needs first.


5. Embrace your weird. It is what makes you awesome. 


6. Don't be afraid to ask someone out for coffee or dinner and get to know their heart. 


7. Some of the best friendships happen in collaborations. Work with people. Volunteer. Serve. Come together to do something kind and generous. 


8. When a friendship ends it, grieve it for all that is worth. It hurts because it matters. 


9. Don't let the unhealthy friendships of yesterday steal from the potential of the new friendships that are forming today. 


10. You are worthy of being pursued and known as a friend. 


11. Cultivate friendships with people who are where you are. If you're an entrepreneur, find entrepreneur friends. They'll resonate in a way others can't. 


12. Make it about the give more than the get. 


What have you learned making friends as an adult?