12 Tricks to Become Productive and Get Things Done

Something we have been talking about a lot around here is how we don't just dream the dreams, we do them. And dreams don't happen just because the desire exists, but you have got to do the hard work; putting in the time and energy and the actual doing. 


Most likely, you don't have a manager for your dream, so you have got to show up for yourself, knowing that no one is going to make you do it. And when you do show up, you don't want to get lost in Facebook or Netflix or procrastinate until it is way too late. 


You want to be productive. You want to kick butt. 


I've thrown together some of my biggest tips on how I make it all happen. Ready? Let's go. 


1. Get started. 

The biggest thing standing between you and your productive self is simply getting started. So often, that's all we need to do. Once we put forward that first step, it is so much easier to grab momentum. 


2. Be a Mom to yourself. 

Sometimes you need to have a real-talk with yourself. You sit yourself down and say, "Listen up, girl. It is time to do this. It is time to put in the work. And you're not getting up until you finish." it sounds a little crazy, but it truly works. Tough love. 


3. Sprinkle in fun. 

I mean, why would we ever put the time in to do something we don't even think is fun? Think about the things that make you really excited, happy or just loving life. Add those into your work and what you need to get done. For example: listen to a podcast while you work or surround yourself with bright colored office supplies! 


4. Tidy your space. 

There is nothing that makes me unproductive like a messy and chaotic room. It is like suddenly everything becomes overwhelming. By taking those few minutes to put things away and do a little Lysol-wiping, it can help you get your game face on. 


5. Let the music pump you up. 

Some are more pumped up by music than others, but some good music with a strong beat can bring some awesome focus. It is like the soundtrack to your own personal feature film. And everyone knows when the music starts, good things are happening.


6. Take small breaks. 

Every little bit, take a 5, 10, 30 minute break. Stretch. Take some deep breaths. Go talk to someone. Have an ice cream. 


7. Write lists. 

Again, this could depend on your personality! But some of us love a good list. It is the crossing it off that brings an insane amount of satisfaction. For me, it helps to get it all out of my brain and give me a sense of achievement as I get it done. 


8. Know what motivates you or fuels you. 

We are all so unique and are truly fuelLed by different things. Knowing what fuels you can help you stay productive because you can give yourself the things that actually fuel you instead of the things you think should. 


9. Get dressed. 

Get out of those pajamas. Put on real clothes. Do something with that hair. Heck, put on some lipstick girl. I mean, you look awesome.


10. Stop avoiding. 

There is a reason why you're avoiding certain tasks. Is it due to a fear of failure or wanting to be perfect? Avoiding is not a solution, its just a treatment with no real impact. Face it. Deal. Do the work. 


11. Eat carrots. 

Pick up something healthy to eat! That helps focus instead of just crashing and upping on sugar. 


12. Hug someone. 

Hugging someone, or giving them a high-five or whatever your human interaction looks like helps to remind us that all that we do, whatever it is, is about people. Perspective is always a good idea. 


So, how do you stay productive? Are there any of these you'd like to implement in your day? 


Cheers to productive days and dreams-come-true.