12 Affirmations for the Highly Sensitive Creative


Being in business as a highly sensitive person can be amazing because you get to set the rules for literally everything you do and you have these unique abilities that can truly speak right to the core of who people are. On the other hand, it can also be hard because you just feel things so very deeply, and you pick up on things that might cause you to feel crazy drained by people or even just industries themselves.


Myself and many of my clients are highly sensitive and I wanted to create a little resources for us to hold onto. Use these twelve affirmations to speak over yourself or post places you can see them and be reminded. Let them speak courage and rest into you, sweet friend.


1. My sensitivity is not a weakness in my business, it is a dynamic strength to me and all the people I serve. 

2. It is safe for me to feel and process the emotions that come up as I put my work into the world. 

3. I will be honest and intentional in the way that I show up as I don't need to be loved by everyone everywhere. 

4. It is important and necessary for me to step away and take care of myself and I am so very deserving of this. 

5. I let go of every thought in my business that doesn't give me hope for my future. 

6. When I sense greatness in someone, I will call it out of them. When I sense fear or hesitation in someone, I will extend my heart. 

7. I ask for help, for space, and for time when I need it because I am a powerful person. 

8. I am amazing at setting boundaries because I know how to give myself what I need. 

9. I change lives on the daily with my heart, my empathy, my creativity and my joy. 

10. I am amazing at giving compassion to others and I am learning how to give that to myself too. 

11. I fully accept myself as a sensitive creative and see it as a gift. 

12.  I am a natural born visionary. 


If these resonated with you, holler at me in the comments! I'll be holding you close.