11 Women Tell Us What They Fear the Most



1. "That I'll never get better." 


2. "I would have to say that my biggest fear is failure. It has debilitated me most of my life actually. Just putting myself out there, in front of others and even in front of MYSELF. I have enjoyed a very safe and predictable life since I became a mother at nineteen years old. I am just now learning to move past that inches at a time. I have always wanted to be a nurse and I finally signed up for school and I am starting in 2 weeks. I am terrified of not doing well. It absolutely scares me to the core." 


3. "Failure. It has this way of ripping my heart open and exposing the most vulnerable parts of who I am. Perfection is an unattainable goal that so many of us, women especially, put on our lives that only stunts our growth further. I have always had to work so much harder than everybody else to reach success, so when I fail, it literally breaks me as I worked twice as hard, and still couldn’t achieve greatness.

I think I am fearful of this the most because it literally forces me to accept my human flaws and realize that I am not perfect. And I never will be. But, I don’t want the world or those around me to know it as it makes me feel inferior. Which, I guess is my ultimate fear: not being good enough (as a result of failure)." 


4. "I'd say the thing I fear the most is losing my family and friends- the people I care most about. I don't like feeling alone." 


5. "Maybe it seems cliche, but I think my worst fear in life is to fail. To get through all the investment I've made in my education, to get to the point where I'm chasing my dream, and find out that I've failed in some way or another. And maybe that's rooted in not having outside encouragement and my insecurities, but I fear failure the most." 


6. "Goodness, honestly I fear so much, but I think I fear rejection, abandonment and being alone the most; never having my happy ending."


7. "I fear not living a life as full as I am capable of living." 


8. "I fear I'm not doing enough to make the world a better place." 


9. "My biggest fear is germs. And being contaminated by other people." 


10. "I know I'll have regrets - honestly, I already do - but my biggest fear is waking up close to the end of my life and realizing that I didn't do anything meaningful with it, that I didn't accomplish any of what I'd always wanted to do because I was too scared of failing. Or because I let self doubt and self hatred come between what I wanted." 


11. "I always fear I won't be good enough to keep people interested and invested. Or I fear I will be too much and drive them away." 


What fear do you relate the most to? 

You are not alone. No matter what you're facing, we are in this with you. And together, we will face our fears and come alive with passion.

This is our moment.