11 Women Tell Us The Truth That Changed Them


We all have truths that have transformed us. When we lean into each other's truth, the transformation becomes contagious. 

Let's do exactly that. 



"The biggest truth was realising that I would never achieve a truly worthwhile life by acting from a place of fear. It was only when I followed the light and my own path did life become purer, more joyful, more meaningful." - Nelle



"That the world doesn't owe me my happiness. It is not only my choice and my responsibility. But I'm given a chance each day to work my way towards a life I love. It's not an easy road and sometimes I get annoyed that it's hard but that reminder and that truth helped me out of my depression and has always guided me since. It is empowering knowing that it's not up to anyone else but me." - Christine 



"For myself, one truth that completely turned my life around was the power of community. I never realized just how important a good, grounded community is; where you feel loved and accepted and valued.

And not just any community will work, I had been a part of a community which was very unhealthy and damaging to me, which is what I'd really only ever known. So my advice to anyone who is in a dark spot where they feel stuck is to go out and find a community where you feel valued. If you don't feel valued or loved in your community, you won't have true growth and joy, and I've found that for myself, that is very important." - Rachel 



"My truth, no puns intended (really,) that has changed me is that, 'the truth will set you free.' Time and time again, remembering this phrase has helped me make the right decision or feel immediate clarity. As someone who deals with severe panic attacks, God's truth and the truth that my current feelings aren't reality has changed my life." - Courtney 



"Be relentless in everything you do." - Brittany 



"A truth that has changed me is that I have inspired others. I always prayed and dreamed that I would inspire others, but in the past year particularly people have directly told me that I have inspired them. And that is so, so amazing and has humbled and encouraged me a lot." - Hannah 



"My truth is: do small things with great love. I used to think I had to be someone great or change the world in this giant way in order to make it better. The bigger the action, the more impact it would have. But that isn't how life works. The best changes happen when they are small but done with the biggest enthusiasm. If I can change one person's life and make it better, I have changed the world." - Raewyn 



"My truth (in its raw + unedited form) is that when you think you can’t possibly do/give/take any more - you absolutely can. You’re so much stronger than you think you are. knowing that has gotten me up mountains and made me a mom and helped me face things that I thought would break me. but here I am. More whole than ever." - Justine



"The truth that is especially close to my heart is that life is too short to be anything but happy. That means working at something I truly love and am passionate about, turning down projects that don't make my heart soar, and eliminating negative energy and people that rob me of happiness. Simple, yes, but through my experiences and the inevitable ups and downs, it's what I know to be true." - Shelby 



"No amount of planning can help you avoid the twists and turns of life." - Pamela 



"Sometimes the only way to move on is to move away. It hurts, but it can be like ripping off the bandaid when you know that your growth needs it. I realised that the only way to create the life I desired was to surround myself with people who would bring the same vibration, and I wasn't getting that with my job, my friends, or my family. So I had to make a clean break and start over in another city. It was my persona heroes journey, and I am so grateful that I had the strength to do it, I will never regret it." - Ceri



"You are allowed to let go of the things that are hurting you. You are allowed to be free." - Sarah



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