10 Things to Do Instead of Binge Watching Netflix

gorgeous photography via ellie berry, used by permission. 


So Netflix is awesome. We all know it. We've all fallen down that dark hole where we forget what day it is and we just keep clicking that we are still watching. But, sometimes too much Netflix makes us...well lazy. 


And we got epic stuff to do. So let's take a break from the Netflix binge. Together. 


These things are guaranteed to give you more joy, more fullness and hey, maybe even more sleep. 


1. Get some creative writing done. Not the kind where you're writing for someone else or trying to impress someone, but the kind where you're writing for you, where you just completely let go and let it spill straight from your heart to the paper. Sweetness. 


2. Sign up for a class. In real life, online, with your friends. Sign up for a yoga or a dance class. Or rather, sign up for one that teaches you more about your skill like writing, graphic design, building community. Take one that interests you or something you've just never tried before. We're never too old or too far in to learn. 


3. Set up a date with a new friend. There is something gorgeously energizing about connecting with someone with similar interests for the first time. You know the moment. The one where you think to yourself, "I HAVE FOUND MY NEW BESTIE." And then reign it in and tell them you're here for them. That's real life. Set one up! In person, on the phone or Skype. 


4. Wash those bed sheets. I mean, I didn't want to say anything, but how long has it been? Wash those bed sheets, woman. And sleep with lavender or something. 


5. Get pampered. Sometimes all we are really looking for is a way to undwind and relax. We think Netflix is that answer, but sometimes it doesn't work at all. So, go for a massage or get your nails done or even just go to a blow-out bar. And feel yourself drift into relaxation-station. 


6. Go somewhere you find inspiring. Sometimes the most inspiring places are the weirdest of places. Some people get inspired in the middle of the woods, while others do in the middle of the mall. Get around the things that inspire you for a couple hours whether it be the waves or shelves upon shelves of books. 


7. Spotify. iTunes. Whatever it is, organize it. You know those moments where you think, "if only I had a playlist for this!" -- well, now is a great time to get organized and make some killer playlists. Focus, working, dreaming, doing. Playlist-it-up. Playlists for everything. 


8. Write down those goals and put deadlines on those babies. I am great at thinking goals, but I don't usually put dates on them. When I do, it kicks my butt into gear. I know it might be tempting not to do this, but do it. Just do it. Write down your goals for this week and put a date on it. 


9. Send a love letter. Find a piece of paper, a notecard, a back of a receipt and write someone a love letter. Strangers, family, friends; anyone works. Be light and encouragement in the world. It only takes a moment of stepping outside of yourself. 


10. Take one small step towards your dreams. Call the person. Post the blog. Start the Twitter account you've been avoiding. Buy the coaching session. Look up the apartments. Do the thing. 


What one will you do? Tell us in the comments!