10 Steps to Make Your Dream Collaborations Happen


Collaborations are a powerful way to create more buzz, more energy and more visibility when you do them in alignment with your values and your culture. 


Around here, we are huge into collaborations! And we've done a ton of collaborations whether social media campaigns, digital products, physical products or free events like Twitter Parties and webinars! We love working with brilliant, talented and heart-bursting women. 


It creates incredible energy when you can collaborate with people who carry a similar heart and vision as you! When that mingles and mixes, it is powerful! Plus, collaborations bring the benefit of audience building. Boom. 


So, I bet there are some people you're thinking of who would be your dream collaborators. And maybe you're also thinking that there is a better time for you to approach them, you know maybe when your website is killer or you're making more money or you have more followers. 


The best time to initiate collaboration is right now. Tweet that!


So, I am going to take you through some steps on the best way to make a dream collaboration happen, and jump in where you're comfortable to go for it. 


1. Write down a list of ideas of collaborations that you'd really love to do! Need help on thinking of one? Don't worry, we got you covered. 

  • Ebooks or Workbooks 
  • Audio Interviews
  • Video Content
  • Giveaways 
  • Digital Products 
  • Physical Products
  • Webinars 
  • Instagram Hashtag 
  • Service Offering 
  • Live Event 


2. Write a list of those who you would ideally love to collaborate with, that when you think about it, it lights your heart up. 

Don't worry about whether it is possible or not, just write down their names. It is simply about dreaming big right now. Think of people in business, blogging, social media, brands, storefront companies, or just people you love their story and passion. 


3. Take a look at two lists and pick one idea and one person. Just pick one. That's exactly where we will start. 

You're not marrying anyone with this, you're just taking a risk. And that is an awesome thing. 


4. Develop your idea. Solidify it. 

The one thing you don't want to do is pitch someone without really establishing your idea for yourself. Your pitch should seem less like a question and more like a statement like you are convicted about this and you're inviting them into it. People can feel that. So, dig through and think about your idea, establish a timeline, goals, even some start-up visuals to go with it. 


5. Pitch your person. 

This is your moment! Do not bcc everyone you've ever wanted to collab with. I repeat, do not bcc. I mean, unless you want to get no responses. ;) Really put the time in to create a script for your pitch email. Make it conversational, clear, and easy for someone to respond and know what the next steps are? 


6. If they say no, show them nothing but kindness. 

People will say no and you have to be okay with that. Decide right now to get over your fear of the word no. When someone says no, it is not a rejection of who you are. It is just not a good time. So when this happens, don't be a reactive emailer and write it out of your lens of disappointment, but show lavish grace and kindness.


7. Have a follow-up email template.

I have a template I often use to follow-up with all the people who have said yes and even those who have said no! Especially if you're approaching many people at a time, instead of rewriting it over and over, save your energy and keep a template. It is in this step that you'll often let them know what to do next or set up a phone call depending on the project.


8. Make it easy for them. 

The harder you make it for people, the more they won't do it. Sad sometimes, but so true. We love convenience! So make it as easy for people as possible and automated. Use forms, systems, project management, appointment scheduling, etc. 


9. Do the magic. 

Make it happen. Work together. It is going to be awesome. 


10. Thank them. 

After someone collaborates with you, thank them! Write them a kind email, send them a note in the mail, just do a little something to show them a bit of love. 


Then do it all over again!