10 Signs You're a Visionary Woman

Visionary women are a gift to the world. And so often, they get stuck feeling misunderstood, their intensity is intimidating or their self-doubts get in their way before they can ever start creating that magic that they were born to create.

But women with vision are powerful messengers of transformation. 

Is there a vision inside of you? Can you see beyond your current reality? Are you constantly pushing for something better and bigger? 

I believe every woman can create vision and cast it for her life, her business; anything she walks into. For some, it is naturally born. For others, it is cultivated. And vision will forever be the thing that sets you apart. 

So whether you're born with it or you're learning the curve, this is our challenge to you. 

Own who you are. Own it with your everything. 


1. You're hungry for more. 

It not just like a desire or a wish, it is a hunger for more. To be more full, to be more alive, to be more successful. It is a full-out drive to make the more happen. Whatever that more looks like for you; personally or in your dream, you're hungry. And you're not just gonna stand still and hope it happens. You're all in. 


2. You can see beyond your reality. 

Whether it is for you or for a group of people, you've caught a picture of a different future. You see possibility. You see what-could-be. It is so clear in your mind and you are so convicted in your spirit. It is not a question, it is a statement. Maybe you see a world where women are celebrated. Maybe you see a reality where mental illness isn't a stigma. Maybe you see human trafficking in decline. That is vision. 


3. You have a go-getter spirit. 

You're not one who is going to wait around and hope someone hands you your dream on a silver platter. You're ready to put in the work. You're excited to get it done. You're up for making it happen, hell or highwater. Night or day, you're gonna get it. Because to not is way more of a cost than doing the work. 


4. You find yourself rallying people. 

Sometimes it is almost natural. You can't help yourself! You're constantly inviting people to be a part of what you're doing. You want them to get in on the fun. You are sharing your dream at every opportunity. You're convicted about the results and transformation it can bring. This isn't about sales. This is about awesome. 


5. Intensity is kinda your best friend. 

Visionaries aren't intense one hundred percent of the time. Sometimes, we're the most fun-loving people around. But there is so often an intensity to what you feel. You feel strong. You feel deep. You feel big. Because without that feeling, your vision wouldn't be as strong as it is. 


6. You've got a thing for communication. 

Writing, speaking, creating; you just have to get it out. It is like a fire in your bones girl, you gotta get it out! And you do. Whether you're jumping on a blog, getting on a podcast, speaking in front of hundreds or a few; you've got a vision and a message to share. 


7. You are consistently pressing into growth. 

Personally, you've got to know that you're growing. Probably super-digging into spirituality, self-help and personal transformation. You don't want to stay in one place but you want to keep upping your best. One of your downsides is likely that sometimes you're so damn hard on yourself and don't know how to celebrate in the journey. 


8. You know what your fire is. 

You likely know what you're passionate about. You probably wouldn't have a vision without it. And if you don't know what your fire is, but you're a visionary, you likely can't seem to stand still. But when you find that fire, it will guaranteed catapult you into a vision. I wouldn't be surprised if you're multi-passionate. All the fire. All the time. 


9. You'll work your butt off to create what you see. 

You're signed up to work your butt off. You know that no one else can create what you see because only you see it and it is you that has to take that first step to create that momentum. You're willing to do it. 


10. You see into people's greatness. 

When you see people, you see into them. You see their awesome, their bravery, their greatness. You're not afraid to look at people and let them know and call it out of them. Whether you've cultivated this gift or not, you have an intuitive gift to call the gold out of people! And that is so necessary. Don't get so caught up in vision that you miss the people. Because no matter what happens, people will matter at the end of the day. Hands down. Every-time. 


So visionary women, what are you creating? Have you said yes to the visionary inside of you and allowed her to shine? Are you ready to give the world all you got?