10 Reasons to Let Go of Perfect and Show Your Audience the Real You

Maybe you've caught the buzz about #theimperfectboss campaign that I lead three times a year. 


in these campaigns, We pull back the curtains and share our secrets to make a statement that we are every-day women going after dreams. And if we are, so can you. 


In light of that, I wanted to share ten reasons why it is time for all of us as entrepreneurs to let go of perfect and show our audience the real us. 


1.  People are not looking to spend time with perfect, they're looking to spend time with you. 


2. Your story holds the power to inspire, encourage and create genuine connection. 


3. In a culture of curated images and staged moments, a brave imperfect woman is wildly irresistable. 


4. Your best work won't happen in a flawless performance, but in your messy, risky and playful effort.  


5. There are things you have to give that you could never give until you are willing to look a little crazy. 


6. The more you put down the walls and the masks and the filters, the freer you become. 


7. It is entirely exhausting to aim for perfection. It will drain the life out of your heart. And your heart is the most treasured resource in your business. 


8. I believe that there are gifts inside of you that you can only find when you embrace the mess, the broken parts and your very own imperfection. 


9. On the other side of your imperfection is insane strength. Your weaknesses are only strengths with the wrong identity. 


10. There are people who if you would just share your story would know breakthrough, healing and fulfillment. People sit on the otherside of your willingness. 


Less perfect, more real. Less perfect, more brave. Less perfect, more flawed.