10 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Movement


Okay, guys. Movement making is my jam. And I consider it to be one of my biggest missions to show you that creating a movement for your brand can create epic results in your business. Whether you're a service-based business, selling products, teaching, or running communities or non-profits, you can use this tool to help you grow. 


Movement making is like taking community building, visibility and leadership development on steroids. Sounds pretty good, right? 


And so to start us off on this convincing journey, I am going to share with you ten reasons why your brand needs a movement. You ready to dig in? 


You become known for your message. 

Every strong movement is built upon a message. Because of that, you will inevitably become known for whatever that message is. That's why it is so important to know your message clearly for yourself, but also get ready to become the go-to for that topic. Seriously. Get ready.


You build a community of engaged people. 

Have you ever created or launched something and then when you put it out there, it just seemed to fall flat? Worst. Feeling. Ever. By running a movement for your brand, you'll not only grow the size of your audience, but you'll cultivate a community; a community people who are invested in your mission and ready to be a part of whatever you've got. 


You stand out in your industry. 

I have this big thing about not just waiting for someone to see the greatness in you, but you have to see it in yourself and go after it. A lot of people wait to be chosen, but you can decide that you already are and create the opportunities you want. Movements make stand out brands. 


Your numbers inevitably grow. 

Numbers aren't the point, but they do matter when you're growing a business or an online presence. We all know that, we've all been there. Running a movement in your brand will cause all your numbers to rise as you welcome in your dream audience. Social media, email subscribers, and everything in between. Let it come. 


You change people's lives.

One of the best parts of movement making is the opportunity to change someone's life. You get to be a part of someone's story and you get to use your message, your heart and your work to impact them. That's something that will never grow old. 


You give your audience a taste of who you are.

One of the big pieces of movement making that I teach is that you get to design an experience for your audience or audience-to-be that gives them a taste of who you are. You get to create this moment that transforms their life or business even in just the most little of ways. That gives them a taste of who you are and if I know anything about you, I know they'll be hooked. 


You get featured.

There is something about leading movements that gets you this credibility where people want to hear what you have to say. They want to interview you on their blogs, podcasts and series. They want to have you write for them, be experts in their programs, and come and speak at their events. Being featured is just what happens. 


You develop your leadership. 

You wanna grow your leadership? You want to be seen as a leader? You want to be known for a new way of thinking, doing or being? Start a movement. Throw yourself into it and you'll pick up the skills to lead your life, lead people and lead a mission. 


You grow your revenue. 

I have this joke that when you're leading movements in your brands, you don't need to worry about warming your audience because it is hot, hot, hot. People are ready. They're ready to participate, ready to buy, ready to give. It is just about knowing what you want to offer.


You build insane recognition. 

People start to know you. They start to know of you. You'll walk into a room and people will recognize you and your work. You get talked about (in the best of ways). And there is this organic and genuine buzz that happens from there.


So, tell me. Are you convinced yet? Are you ready to create a movement for your brand? Tell me in the comments! 


10 Examples of Pitches For Creatives

Pitching is one of the most necessary skills to have as a creative entrepreneur. As someone who is trying to make your dreams happen, it is not only important to know how to sell services or offerings, but to sell ideas and create connections that empower you to create amazing opportunities.

Through pitching, you can go from 'just another option' to the 'obvious answer.' You can create opportunities that cause you to stand out as a leader. You can gain insane visibility and emerge as one to follow in your industry.

I am going to go over with you a ton of different opportunities you can create through pitching to get you dreaming big about the kinds of opportunities you can create. 



Being interviewed on podcasts can give you amazing visibility. The beauty of podcasts is just how much they can showcase your heart and personality. If you want to be seen as an expert, podcasts are your thang. 


Guest Blogs 

Posting for big websites, contributing to collective blogs and pitching people in your industry to lend your voice can be the perfect starting point to get your voice out there. Huffington Post, anyone?


Interviews / Media

Whether you're looking to be showcased by traditional media, go viral on the Internet or jump onto an organic publication, you can pitch your message and get published in print. 



If you're a maker or own a product business, you can pitch your products to be in stores, gain wholesale accounts or connect with influencers to be ambassadors for your line. 



If you do digital products, you can use your connections and past clients to create affiliates for your courses and downloads to get your products before new audiences and up the cash flow. 


Social Media Campaigns 

You can create social media campaigns such as The Imperfect Boss to create movement to your business with your message. You'll need a lot of collective force behind them and pitching can get you there.


Creative Collaborations 

Joining forces with creatives, whether it just be one or it be hundreds at once, can bring life to your brand. Do a webinar, a challenge, partner together on an offering, or do a virtual summit, the options are truly endless! 



There is a way to pitch and get clients without being sleazy and doing mass emails. If you know you can genuinely help someone, you can pitch what you offer out of a heart to serve. 


Brand Sponsorships 

Maybe you're wanting to work with brands, do sponsored social media content or you want to find a sponsor for your next event, pitching brands is an art you'll want to learn. 


Dream big! What types of pitches do you want to do next and who would is the dreamiest person you can think of to do them with? 

Write it down. This is how it starts. 





5 Encouragements Every Woman Needs to Hear

Encouraging women is my passion. 


Over the years, I've noticed common encouragements that every woman is hungry to hear. Take these encouragements and hear them for yourself, but also share them with the women in your life at any chance you get. 


Let's dive in, already. 


You are enough. 

You are inherently enough. The proof of that is in your breath, in the very reality that you're here reading these words right now. Your enoughness showed up within you today, so you can show up too. 


You have what it takes.

You have what is needed to be a booming success, an incredible leader, and a powerful woman. It is already in you. You don't need to find it in someone else, you've already got it girl. Just look inside. 


You're going to make it. 

You're going to make it work and you're going to make it happen. You're going to break through the frustrations and you're going to rise on the other side. Picture yourself on the other side of this thing because that's exactly where you're headed. 


You belong. 

You belong among this community. You have a place, a space that is only yours to fill, and when you don't show up, we miss you, but when you do, we are changed by you. You're not an afterthought, you're valued, important and absolutely necessary to this community. 


You are unique. 

You have something so extraordinary within you. You are this gorgeous blend of calling, passion, skills, personality, story and voice. No one has the type of extraordinary that you have. 


What encouragement means the most to you to hear? 


4 Ways to Build Brand Recognition and Stand Out

I've been pondering a lot about how to create natural and authentic brand recognition.


Often, I will find that certain items or words will remind me of people or their brands without them doing a thing. That's the power of brand recognition. It is creating moments when your brand is thought of even if someone isn't on your website or in the same room as you. 


Creating a recognizable brand has the power to give you more influence, more reach and more impact. It not only amplifies the work that you do, but it also empowers people to be advocates for your brand, going out there to tell your story and message for you, because you're on their brain more than the rest. 


I want to dig into four ways you can build recognition today, so that you can become a knock-out brand and start shining like I know you can. 


Establish your visuals.

One of the biggest ways to create brand recognition is to have consistent visuals. The biggest tools I've used especially when I am doing everything myself is to use a brand board to make sure that all my visuals align with my established branding. Another tip is using knock-out templates for social media or blog posts so that you can pop and people can become familiar with your style. 


Choose 2-3 details for connection. 

This is by far my favourite way and if you're going to only pick one of these, do this one. Pick two to three details about you and your brand that you share often that create connection. They can be really simple details; something that you love, or something that you use in your every-day such as a food, a drink, a gesture, a color or a song.

For example, whenever I think of Kayla Hollatz, I think of hot chocolate or when I think of flamingos, I always think of the ladies over at Flock & Co. Now because of that, whenever I see those things wherever I am, I will instantly think of them and that puts my brand on my mind consistently. 


Practice your message.

It is really powerful when you can practice your message consistently over multiple platforms, projects and audiences. You start to become known for those messages. And when people hear those messages in other places, they start to wonder if you're involved in that too, or if you know about it yet, giving you greater reach and impact. 

If you've struggled to find your message, I encourage you to check out my workbook on digging into your core message. Ultimately your message has themes. For example, some themes of my messaging are women empowerment, and imperfection. 


Become trustworthy through consistency. 

Whatever you're doing and whatever you're committing to do in the world through your business, be consistent. Know where you're showing up, know how you're showing up and know how often you are doing it. This can be hard for us visionaries, but the more you can throw yourself in consistency, the more trustworthy you can become. 

Don't see it as a thing you have to do, but see it as a thing that you get to do, because you are showing the world and your audience that you are an honest and full-hearted leader that can be trusted.


What step will you take first to build more recognition around your brand? 

8 Small Signs That You're Killing It At Your Online Business

Here's the thing. You're probably doing better than you think you are. In fact, I can almost guarantee it. Because you have your full experience, all the darkness and all the light, that sometimes it can be difficult to see what is really happening from the outside in. 


You are likely more successful, more brave, more accomplished, and more powerful than you sometimes feel. 


Find yourself among these signs and celebrate where you are. Celebrate where you've come from and celebrate where you're going. Because you're amazing. You're giving this your all. You're making it work and it is happening. 


That deserves all the champagne, standing ovations, and confetti pops in the world. 


1. You get up every morning and you do one thing for your business. Most people will never make movement on their dreams. This makes you epic. 


2. You have a testimonial or an email or a screenshot of someone who has told you a story of how they have been impacted by your life and your work. 


3. You know who you're serving. You know what they look like, where they live, what they love, what they absolutely hate, where they're struggling and where they want to go. 


4. You show up on social media. You've picked one or two or a few where you intentionally show up and give of your heart. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest -- you're giving your presence and it is beautiful. 


5. You've made money. I don't care how much it is, but you've made money. You've paid a bill. That's powerful. You created something that someone invested in and was better for it. 


6. There are those who follow you, who love what you have to say and who jump at the opportunity to hear your message. Whether it is one, fifty or it is a million, that is influence. 


7. You're constantly learning and growing. Maybe you know how to work Photoshop and you never did before. Maybe you now have experience public speaking. Maybe you know more about marketing than ever in your life before. 


8. You can visibly see your transformation and you have increased your confidence. Maybe when you first started, you weren't totally sure. But more and more, you've learned how to own who you are. 


What sign do you resonate with the most? Share with me in the comments! 


10 Ways to Deal with Online Criticism

There are big gifts to doing things online, such as the freedom and the ability to reach so many people at a time, but there are also sacrifices. And a big sacrifice I've experienced more times than I can count is online criticism. 


Now to those of who are carry bleeding hearts, it can feel like a very difficult thing. It is scary and it stings. And so, how do we handle that? How do we allow the online criticism not to destroy us, but to make us better?


We can learn how to set up boundaries, so that criticism doesn't wound us, but we can extract the value from it and keep moving. 


That has been a big story in my entrepreneurial journey and I am going to let you into ten ways you can use to deal with online criticism whether it is constructive or mean-spirited, a social media comment to you or talk about you. 


1. Examine who it is coming from and the strength of your relationship with them. 

Here's the thing, if it is a stranger coming at you with a whole bunch of critical feedback, acknowledge it, but you can likely let it go. If it is a friend, a mentor, someone you trust, you can regard that with a whole lot of power because you have the relationship to back it up. 


2. Realize that sometimes it is not really about you. 

There are often people who will lash out on you maybe because you've come across their path at the wrong time or something about you reminds them of something in them. So, sometimes when someone brings criticism, it doesn't really have to do with you, it has to do with their own pain. 


3. Pull the good from it and leave the rest. 

Examine the criticism and see if there is something good you can pull out from it. Think about if there is something you can learn, keep in mind or receive from? Take that stuff to heart and leave the rest of it. And if there's nothing good? Leave it all. 


4. Set boundaries around your heart. 

Boundaries are good. We like boundaries. Set up boundaries around your heart, so you decide what comes in and what stays out. You can set boundaries so you only let words from specific individuals really go all the way in, whereas words from strangers stay at the door. You can have boundaries about when you check your email or social media to protect yourself or make a boundary that you don't Google your name.  


5. Find a small group of people that are your people. 

It is really important to have two to five individuals that can be your people; those you go to when you get criticized online and who will be honest with you as to whether those words hold weight to them and someone who can speak truth to your heart. You want these people to love and believe in you, but also willing to be honest. 


6. If your heart hurts: feel it, process it and release it. 

If your heart hurts over something someone said, allow yourself to feel it, instead of pushing it down. You're not too soft or sensitive, you're simply human. Once you do that, you can process through how you're feeling so that you don't form new beliefs because of your pain. Then, you just let it go. 


7. Sit with it before you react or respond. 

Don't respond to anything in the heat of the moment. Just don't. Nothing amazing happens out of that place and you might say things you'll regret later. Sometimes its hard, but walk away, sleep on it and come back later.


8. Surrender the fear of what people think. 

Don't worry so much about making everyone happy and pleasing all the people. It is impossible anyway. Know who your people are, serve those people, and be generous with those people. Return to those people again and again.


9. Learn how to be a powerful and graceful communicator. 

There will be times when you'll need to have difficult conversations. In those times, practice being an open, powerful and graceful communicator. Express your feelings and give whoever else the space to speak theirs. Be kind and be forgiving. 


10. Remember why you do what you do. 

No matter the amount of criticism you experience online, remember why you do what you do. Always come back to that place because it will encourage you to keep going. See your vision more than you ever see the resistance. I know sometimes the bad can seem so much bigger than the good, but I promise it isn't. :) 


Have you experienced online criticism? How have you dealt with it? 


The Pressure to Be an Overnight Success

Ever since I was a little girl, I felt this pressure. It was this pressure to be amazing, and to be successful faster than anyone would ever expect me to be.


When I entered the online business world, I felt that pressure get even bigger. I became looped in this world of the six figure hustle and where it seemed like, people would pop out of nowhere and suddenly rise to the top while I felt like I was working my butt off with few results. 


The pressure was paralyzing.


It would prey on my insecurities and take the life right out of me. As I would run on this hamster wheel of trying to do all the things, I was exhausting my energy becoming a woman I was never born to be. And I had to make a decision to break up with the pressure.


I had to decide that I was not going to be an overnight success, but that I was going to build an intentional, beautiful business instead. 


I found that so often this entrepreneurial journey gets painted as a moment, when really it is a journey of many moments. It is not this magical coming together of everything where success suddenly happens, but it is many days and many tries and many tears and many joys. It is this brave adventure of discovering what you have to give and learning how to execute it well .


Running business is not about finding your arrival moment, it is about committing to a journey to bring all that you have to give. 


And no matter how many people try to click bait you or seem like they rise around you while you stay small, know that you are on your own journey with your own process. And that their greatness doesn't take your moment from you. Their greatness doesn't add to your pressure.  It simply inspires you for what's possible. 


You are free to run your business your way without the pressure of being successful quickly or slowly. You decide the pace.


And you get to choose what works for you. That's the beauty of this entrepreneurial game, you're free. Sometimes we forget that, but my girl, you've always been free; we have always been free. 





6 Tools to Help You Discover Your Core Message

Ever feel like you're giving so much information and even encouragement in your business, but it doesn't feel like it has much weight to it, almost as if it lacks power? 


Guaranteed, you need to return to your messaging.


It might be two things; either you don't know what yours is at all, or you're struggling to communicate it. Whichever one it is for you, it is a gift to yourself to look at your messaging often, so that you can allow everything you do and say online to be aligned with what you're wanting to speak. 


When you know and are confident of your message, it makes you powerful and electric.


I see messaging almost like you have one main message and then you have sub-messages that support that big one. 


For example, my main message is that women have the power to transform the world sitting inside of them and when they get out of their own way and bring that with confidence, it changes their life and it changes the world. 


My sub-messages have to do with the things that help women get to that place; vulnerability and imperfection, cultivating confidence, digging into your heart, building community, etc. 


When you're first discovering it can feel overwhelming, so l've got a couple tools for you to help break it down in a way that is easy and feels amazing. 


Sit with Your Heart and Ask Yourself Questions

You can see my post on heart dialogue that explains how to do this in a powerful way. But basically, you get somewhere quiet, sit with yourself, ask yourself questions and see what comes up in you. Some questions you can ask yourself as it relates to messaging are things like: 

  • What can I not stop talking about? 
  • If I had a moment to tell the world one thing, what would I say? 
  • What is a truth I carry that the world must know?


Find out what your ideal client is longing to hear 

Think about your ideal clients which are basically just those you want to reach the most and serve with your energy, time and gifts. Zero into their desires and pain points to find out what they are hungry to hear. There is something you have to say that'll resonate deeply with them and create a long-lasting connection. 


Determine what the lifestyle of your message is 

Every message brings with it a lifestyle. By determining what the lifestyle looks like that you’re communicating, you can distill your message. Decide how you want your audience’s life to look like after they interact with you or spend time with you.


Do a Social Media Inventory

Go over the social media platforms you share with in the most and see if there are any themes that keep showing up for you. Do you keep talking about the same things? What are those things? Make a list of them. 


Ask People Close to You For Their Insight

Make a list of a couple people who know you really well that you can ask them straight out what they think a message is that you might have. Likely they've seen you get incredibly passionate about things over the years and will have insight to tell you about. Sometimes we struggle to see ourselves as we really are so this is a good option when this is happening. 


Choose your signature reminder 

You get to decide what you want to spend your lifetime reminding people of. That truth you will whisper into people's hearts, that lifestyle you will invite them into, that tip or encouragement that you will make sure they know more than anything else. So choose it. Write it down. Hold it close. 


You have a message to declare and a story to tell. Don't keep that stuff inside because I believe that your voice has the ability to penetrate the noise of your life, of the Internet and of the world. Let's hear it. 


So, tell me, what message are you going to give? 


Discover your core message with the help of this free workbook!

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