12 Affirmations for the Highly Sensitive Creative


Being in business as a highly sensitive person can be amazing because you get to set the rules for literally everything you do and you have these unique abilities that can truly speak right to the core of who people are. On the other hand, it can also be hard because you just feel things so very deeply, and you pick up on things that might cause you to feel crazy drained by people or even just industries themselves.


Myself and many of my clients are highly sensitive and I wanted to create a little resources for us to hold onto. Use these twelve affirmations to speak over yourself or post places you can see them and be reminded. Let them speak courage and rest into you, sweet friend.


1. My sensitivity is not a weakness in my business, it is a dynamic strength to me and all the people I serve. 

2. It is safe for me to feel and process the emotions that come up as I put my work into the world. 

3. I will be honest and intentional in the way that I show up as I don't need to be loved by everyone everywhere. 

4. It is important and necessary for me to step away and take care of myself and I am so very deserving of this. 

5. I let go of every thought in my business that doesn't give me hope for my future. 

6. When I sense greatness in someone, I will call it out of them. When I sense fear or hesitation in someone, I will extend my heart. 

7. I ask for help, for space, and for time when I need it because I am a powerful person. 

8. I am amazing at setting boundaries because I know how to give myself what I need. 

9. I change lives on the daily with my heart, my empathy, my creativity and my joy. 

10. I am amazing at giving compassion to others and I am learning how to give that to myself too. 

11. I fully accept myself as a sensitive creative and see it as a gift. 

12.  I am a natural born visionary. 


If these resonated with you, holler at me in the comments! I'll be holding you close. 


15 Things You Can Do Today to Get Your Brand Message Out There


If you wanna stand out, you need to know your message. And if you wanna get known for that message, you need to put yourself out there. The key to this is that you need to not just do it once in a blue moon, but you need to do it regularly.


There are so many ways to put your message out there, so don't feel like it is one way or the highway, but you can have fun with it, so that it can be done in a feel-good way. The beautiful thing about getting your message out there is that the more you do it, the more you become known for it, the more lives you reach, and the more confident you feel in your message. 


So, I've put together a list of 21 things you can do to get your message out there. Plop these in your calendar and do the thang. 


1. Talk about your message consistently on social media even when it feels like you're a broken record. Be a broken record.

 2. Brainstorm a list of blogs and articles that focus on or support your brand message and pitch them to larger blogs or magazines. 

3. Write down your speaking topics and put them on your website, so that people know exactly what you like to talk about. 

4. Start a podcast or pitch to be on someone else's podcasts. 

5. Live your message, so that anyone who gets close to you, knows exactly what you're about before you even say a word. 

6. Apply for speaking engagements at conferences, workshops or events in your industry. 

7. Look through your existing web copy and make sure that your messaging is weaved throughout the entire website; home page, about page, services page, and even your contact page. 

8. Start a movement that is steeped in your message for your brand such as a social media campaign or a line of products. 

9. Show up in a small handful of Facebook groups and respond to people who are dealing with problems that are directly related to your message. 

10. Write an email to your list sharing your message and a practical application that your audience can take to adopt that message to their life or business today. Be vulnerable. People love that. ;) 

11. Brainstorm how your story supports your message. What has happened to you that lends to your authority to speak this? 

12. Update your social media bios to reflect your message. People should have an idea of what your message is just by looking at your social media profiles. 

13. Take a look at your visuals whether they be in your graphic or web design or your photo feeds on social media. Pick 3-5 details that really resonate with your message and use those to create visual content. 

14. Host an online or in-person event. For example, if your message has to do with creativity, then run an audio series on how different creatives incorporate play in their practice. 

15. Design a product line steeped in your message. 


Which one are you going to try first? 


How to Tell the Difference Between Your Audience, Your Community and Your Movement


I am so excited to break down three really important definitions when it comes to the people you have being gathered around your brand. And those three terms are: audience, community and movement. 


Because these three terms don't actually describe the same thing, and I want to break them down for you, so you can know what you have currently in your brand and what you want to build. Let's get right into it, shall we? 



Your audience are the people who want to know what you're doing. They're watching and they're listening, but they are keeping their distance. They've likely opted into your email list and they follow you on social media, yet they probably have not yet taken the leap to work with you or become invested in anything you're doing.

How to take this group to the next level: build trust with your audience, so that they'll dive in and invest. 



Your community are the people who have become invested in what you're doing and not only have they received something from you, but they're active and engaged. So maybe they're up in your Facebook groups, taken part in your free offerings, or worked with you in your services or courses. They think highly of you and they don't want to just want to watch what you're doing, but they want to be a part of what you're doing. 

How to take this group to the next level: create opportunities for your community to experience your message, so that they'll move from community members to brand activists for you. 



Your movement are the people who are not only invested in what you're doing, but now carry your vision and want to tell the world about it too. Beyond taking part in the things you're doing and being active and engaged in your community, they want to help you bring your message to the world because of how much they've been transformed by you. 

How to take this group to the next level: bring leadership and monetize your movement, so that you can be supported to take this to the world and impact lots of lives without burning out. 


As you have maybe guessed, I am all about getting you to the third level. I want to bring you from audience to community to movement. Because when you do that, you get into this magical place where your audience trusts you and they're experiencing transformation on the regular which leads them to not only be involved with you, but tell the world about it. 


So, what currently describes the people gathered around your brand? And where do you want to be? I sure hope you'll say movement. ;) 




5 Moments All Lady Bosses Understand

The world of running your own business, especially an online business and most definitely an online business as a woman. is truly a world of its own.  I feel like there are things you only experience until you dive or cannonball right in! It is full of growth, risk, passion, wrestle and total reward. 


There are moments where we feel so stinking alive and other moments where we feel a whole new breed of crazy. 


And so today, I want to turn the light on and give space to some of the moments we think we just face alone, when really all of us are experiencing them. This is how community starts. This is how we grab our power back together. 


1. The moment where we feel like we have no idea what we're doing.

You know the one. Maybe you feel a little wild, a little out of your element, maybe drinking a little too many glasses of wine, swallowing your fear and closing your eyes and just doing the thing. You have no idea how it is going to happen, but you have a dream or an idea that is like fire in your heart.

We all live here. We all exist here. None of have this figured out. 


2. The moment where we think, "This is so exciting! How did this get to be my life?" 

Something you created exploded. Someone was deeply impacted by what you do. You got an opportunity so big that you could never even dream it up. Your story touches the heart of someone. Those moments are like pure bliss. Honestly drink them up and store em' in your soul. 


3. The moment where you try something new and it is downright exhilarating.

You got on a stage and spoke. You got on a webinar even though you hate video. You got in Photoshop and created something. You wrote for the Huffington Post. You went to a networking event. You did your first sales call. You invested in your business.

All these things, that maybe you haven't done before, but step out and try for the first time - damn, that's like breathing in cold air. It is refreshing. It is so terrifying, but it is all bits of refreshing. 


4. The moment all your issues rise to the surface and it terrifies you. 

One thing I've come to know about business is that anything and everything will rise in your heart especially as a creative person. If you're terrified of rejection, you're going to feel that. If you have a poverty mindset, it is going to come out. If you are scared that you'll never be a success, boom - there it is.

It is about knowing how to face those things head on so they stop destroying you and start showing you where to dig in so that you can become more powerful, more resilient, more on fire.


5. The moment you fail. 

Failure gets a bad rap. We fear it and hate it. It makes us uncomfortable and awkward. We don't like failing! We love being awesome. But failure is almost like this beautiful sense of re-direction. It helps create movement in our lives. We've all been here. We've all failed. We've all made massive mistakes. 

These moments are ones that transform us and breathe life into the biggest of visions. 


Which one do you resonate with the most? 


20 Ways to Invest in Your Heart


I believe that your heart is one of your greatest resources when it comes to your business and learning how to invest back into your heart to take care of it is of such great value. 


There is a place for strategy, for numbers and for making it work, but there is also insane importance on how your soul is doing, connection, self-care and making sure that you are still aligned with what you're doing. 


You know that feeling when you feel stuck or drained in your business? Guaranteed, you simply need to invest back into your heart.


Your heart hustles. It gives so much of itself to see you succeed. Show it care. Tweet that!


So, here are twenty ways to invest back in your heart today. 


1.  Just start. Start seeing your heart as a priority. 

2. Accept yourself as whole and enough right where you are, right now. 

3. Spend time with someone who knows your gold + your scars. They put the heart at ease. 

4. Know your core values and have them fill your life. You are filled up by what you value. 

5. Practice self-care. Whatever it is that make you feel incredibly nurtured, do it. 

6. Lean in and find out what moves you. And feel yourself respond. 

7. Journal. There are some thoughts that just need to get out of you. 

8. Remind yourself of truth. Sometimes all you need to do is just whisper it and remember. 

9. Let some people go. There are some that you just need to release. So unclench. 

10. Color. This is all the rage and for good reasons. Let your mind go and your crayons go crazy.

11. Practice forgiveness. Don't let the weight follow you around for a second longer. 

12. Stay still. Become aware of all that is happening inside of you. 

13. Ask your heart questions. Especially the ones you've been avoiding. 

14. Face what hurts. Overcome it so that it stops standing in your way. Healing is beautiful. 

15. Therapy. Trust me, therapy is for everyone. Not the few. Give your heart space to breathe. 

16. Listen. How do you talk about yourself? Is it life-giving? Adjust. 

17. Spend time doing something that absolutely lights you up. Because hello, woman on fire. 

18. Ask someone for a hug. You know, the kind that makes you feel invincible. 

19. Meditate. Take a few moments of silent and just sit on some truth. Become aware. 

20. Let go of the stories. The ones rehearsed by your past. Set them free. 


How do you invest in your heart? 


What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Brings to Their Online Business


I am absolutely obsessed with Myers-Briggs personality tests. I have been for the last few years. I am always getting people to take it and when I meet people who are the same as me (holler ENFP!) -- I feel an instant bond.

This personality test more than any other has not only hit the nail on the head for me but has made me feel deeply understood, as well as very aware of my weaknesses. 

And I know, I am not the only one! There are many of us who Myers-Briggs superfans. Let's start a club.

It is so fun to see how these personalities show up in people who run online businesses and so here's my fun crack on the gifts that each one brings. 


The Analysts

INTJ: Bring out all the planning tools and the strategy. You are set to take over the world and you will do whatever it takes to get there. We can probably find you in your agenda or on Trello. 

INTP: Overflowing with brilliant ideas, you know that you have what you need to make it happen. The only downside is, to be sure, that you do not run anyone over in the process. ;) You are a sharp mind mixed with a tenacious spirit. You run for the long haul. 

ENTJ: You are efficient, dynamic and can command a room. People genuinely want to follow you. You are probably one of those tough-love types and people are either drawn to that presence or completely polarized. 

ENTP: What I love about you is your ability to break all the rules to make something happen. Your energy for new ideas and ability to lead makes you an amazing force in online business. Just don't forget to stay practical. 


The Diplomats

INFJ: You tirelessly fight for people and for the vision you've got in your heart. You are passionate and determined. Your introvert nature runs parallel to your sheer power. When the perfectionist in you wants to take over, stay vulnerable. 

INFP: You are able to bring such a compassionate gift to the emotional processes that people are in and you inspire the best in people! You love to pay attention to the needs of other people and the clients you have. Just make sure to take care of you too. 

ENFJ: You love to engage with people. You love to get on social media and meet all the people! Your gift is really helping people tap into their strengths to become massive successes. My encouragement to you is simply to deal with your inner stuff, so you never put that on other people. 

ENFP: You could really do anything (and I am not just saying that because I am one!) but you hold a determination to go after your dreams and inspire people in the process. You feel big and you are all types of idealistic. Don't be afraid to feel your feelings and also get practical or find people who can push you in that way.


The Sentinels

ISTJ: You've got your inner values, that mean so much to you and they are what make you, you. You are both a creative problem solver, but also hold so much gift for systems and automation in business. You're quick to execute those big ideas and new offerings as long as they light you and your values up. Don't let the anxiety of what is happening around you get you down, babycakes. 

ISFJ: You know what you're good at! You are always learning about it and perfecting it to really help your online community. It is really important for you to feel secure, so getting finances in order is a big thing for you, but you also really want to serve people. Make sure to keep finding that balance between what is good for you and what is good for your audience, so you don't burn out! 

ESTJ: You've got the creative solutions. More than about just creating anything, you can actually solve problems and help people transform. You're not afraid to think outside of the box or bring different voices into whatever work you're doing. But when plans have to change, as sometimes they inevitably do, be spontaneous! it'll help your heart. 

ESFJ: What I so love about you is your ability to love and nurture people, community, and clients but also take care of yourself with amazing boundaries. You genuinely want to make a difference in the world and every time you say no, it helps you make that bigger difference. Make sure to invest in your internal motivation before that procrastination will at some point want to step in. 



ISTP: You do things from start to finish! This is a big deal and it is awesome. You can plan well, make good decisions and stay really practical about what you're doing. The bonus of this is that you REALLY do thwe things that you talk about. You do everything out of logic, so be sure, when you're working with dreamers, that you allow them the space to feel too. 

ISFP: You are highly passionate and creative. You are so in tune with yourself and the people around you. You love trying new things (like getting on camera for example) because of the adventure. The biggest block for you is hands down self-doubt. Don't let you stand in the way of you. 

ESTP: You are entrepreneurial in your core. You set goals and take action. Then repeat. Your adventurous spirit mixed with your logical mind makes you an absolute force. You can do so many things well! Your thing to always keep in mind? Remember your focus. 

ESFP: You love people, but are totally independent. The beauty of that is that you can really serve people while staying true to your gut. Your'e amazing at mentoring as well, because you can take your own insights and apply it to other people's lives. You bring strength. Since you're so strong, constantly push back on the urge to do everything by yourself. 


Did yours ring true for you? Tell me in the comments! 





3 Questions You Must Answer in Your About Page


A lot of people freak out about their 'about' page. It kind of feels like a lot of pressure or a personal dilemma waiting to happen, "WELL WHO AM I?" But I promise you that about pages are meant to be natural and to flow with ease.


About pages are simply you answering people's questions before they even get a chance to ask them.


So with that, let's jump into three big questions you want to answer. 


Question #1: Who are you talking to?

You take one google search on starting a business and you're going to see something about target market and creating an ideal customer profile. I remember when I first started in business, I hated the idea of such a thing because I felt like I was excluding people and setting myself up for failure. 


Tip: Clarity isn't making you exclusive. Clarity is targeting your brilliance.


Start your about page with a lot of the word "you." This is you just talking to your people. You are striking up a chat with them about who they are, where they're at and what they're doing. Hit up the things you know resonate with their heart. By speaking to who they are, you're setting yourself as someone who is on their side. 


Question #2: Who the heck are you anyway?

Answer the question of who you are. How did you get here and why are you here? Tell us about your passion and your story. We want to hear about your personal investment and conviction. Tell us this, why are you in this? 


In this place, you can catch us with that thing that sets you apart. Maybe through your passion, your vision, your sense of humour, your sarcasm, your experience or your credibility. Pick out what your catch is and just bring it, not in a sleazy way but in an authentic, "this is who I am damn it," type of way.


Question #3: What are you doing for people and why should they care?

This is where you tell us what you're practically doing. You're jumping into your services, your blog, your products, your presence. You're telling us how this answers our biggest questions and fills some of our biggest needs. You're telling us how this is going to absolutely change our lives (I mean, if that's what you believe it will do). 


Tip: Don't do anything unless you wholeheartedly, one hundred percent believe in it.


So maybe you're thinking, "Okay Ashley. This is awesome. But how?" Well, I am so glad you asked! I am going to write you a short example. 




Let's say there is this girl named Sally. Sally has a print shop with a heart to remind women how powerful they are. For ease, let's say Sally wants to make her about page three paragraphs to answer the three questions. 


You are a woman who knows that you were made to stand up and stand tall. You're tired of media who tries to downplay your influence and power. You're ready to shout out with your entire being, guts included, that you are powerful. 
I am Sally and for such a long time, I downplayed by power, letting people trample all over me. I didn't know the authority my voice carried and I gave away too much of myself for free. I created this brand of prints because I know there is something powerful inside of you and I want to call it out. My story doesn't have to be your story. You can start today.
As you jump in my store, you'll see a series of prints with declarations that remind you of your power. You're done with playing small, I get it. Put these on your walls, on your mirror, in your car to remind yourself and transform your thinking that you are worthy. 
I believe in you, girl. 


Do you see how I answered those three questions and you got a taste of who she is, what she is offering and most importantly how she wants to help you? 




10 Steps to Make Your Dream Collaborations Happen


Collaborations are a powerful way to create more buzz, more energy and more visibility when you do them in alignment with your values and your culture. 


Around here, we are huge into collaborations! And we've done a ton of collaborations whether social media campaigns, digital products, physical products or free events like Twitter Parties and webinars! We love working with brilliant, talented and heart-bursting women. 


It creates incredible energy when you can collaborate with people who carry a similar heart and vision as you! When that mingles and mixes, it is powerful! Plus, collaborations bring the benefit of audience building. Boom. 


So, I bet there are some people you're thinking of who would be your dream collaborators. And maybe you're also thinking that there is a better time for you to approach them, you know maybe when your website is killer or you're making more money or you have more followers. 


The best time to initiate collaboration is right now. Tweet that!


So, I am going to take you through some steps on the best way to make a dream collaboration happen, and jump in where you're comfortable to go for it. 


1. Write down a list of ideas of collaborations that you'd really love to do! Need help on thinking of one? Don't worry, we got you covered. 

  • Ebooks or Workbooks 
  • Audio Interviews
  • Video Content
  • Giveaways 
  • Digital Products 
  • Physical Products
  • Webinars 
  • Instagram Hashtag 
  • Service Offering 
  • Live Event 


2. Write a list of those who you would ideally love to collaborate with, that when you think about it, it lights your heart up. 

Don't worry about whether it is possible or not, just write down their names. It is simply about dreaming big right now. Think of people in business, blogging, social media, brands, storefront companies, or just people you love their story and passion. 


3. Take a look at two lists and pick one idea and one person. Just pick one. That's exactly where we will start. 

You're not marrying anyone with this, you're just taking a risk. And that is an awesome thing. 


4. Develop your idea. Solidify it. 

The one thing you don't want to do is pitch someone without really establishing your idea for yourself. Your pitch should seem less like a question and more like a statement like you are convicted about this and you're inviting them into it. People can feel that. So, dig through and think about your idea, establish a timeline, goals, even some start-up visuals to go with it. 


5. Pitch your person. 

This is your moment! Do not bcc everyone you've ever wanted to collab with. I repeat, do not bcc. I mean, unless you want to get no responses. ;) Really put the time in to create a script for your pitch email. Make it conversational, clear, and easy for someone to respond and know what the next steps are? 


6. If they say no, show them nothing but kindness. 

People will say no and you have to be okay with that. Decide right now to get over your fear of the word no. When someone says no, it is not a rejection of who you are. It is just not a good time. So when this happens, don't be a reactive emailer and write it out of your lens of disappointment, but show lavish grace and kindness.


7. Have a follow-up email template.

I have a template I often use to follow-up with all the people who have said yes and even those who have said no! Especially if you're approaching many people at a time, instead of rewriting it over and over, save your energy and keep a template. It is in this step that you'll often let them know what to do next or set up a phone call depending on the project.


8. Make it easy for them. 

The harder you make it for people, the more they won't do it. Sad sometimes, but so true. We love convenience! So make it as easy for people as possible and automated. Use forms, systems, project management, appointment scheduling, etc. 


9. Do the magic. 

Make it happen. Work together. It is going to be awesome. 


10. Thank them. 

After someone collaborates with you, thank them! Write them a kind email, send them a note in the mail, just do a little something to show them a bit of love. 


Then do it all over again!