You ARE A CREATIVE and visionary woman.

You throw your heart into your dreams, your life and and your work and it is absolutely magical. 

You are intrinsically wired for changing lives, connecting with people and doing the work you feel most called to. 

i am on a mission to encourage your heart and empower you to share your beautiful vision with the world. 

You are going to make history. 



You are a woman with vision and you are carving out your own intentional path like a brilliant artist. You are in business because you heard a call in your spirit and that is both where it begins and where it ends. You exude passion and purpose in every single thing that you do online and for your clients. 

You love to show up for people, sing at the top of your lungs and brainstorm through an amazing idea.
You value presence and authenticity like crazy, believe in mantras and meditation and are hungry for breakthrough every single day. 

Everything you long for -- standing out as a leader, vision-made-reality, the community that feels like home, the confidence to own who you are and be visible, the beauty of getting paid to do what you wholeheartedly love -- you can have it all and I can't wait to help you do it all.


HI! I AM ASHLEY! I AM A heart encourager, speaker and copywriter for creative women.

I am excited to inspire and empower you to do the work of your heart with incredible success while bringing the beauty of who you are.

First off what I want you to know is that I am so ridiculously happy that you're here! Know from every corner of this place, that you are celebrated, and cheered on. Not for being perfect, but for you.

I am wildly passionate about you waking up to a business you love, dialoguing with your heart, building the kind of community that we can let our hair down in and being free to fail as many times as possible. 

I have years of experience and expertise in being way too zealous (ha!), building community, encouraging strangers, communicating vision, mobilizing people to change the world and failure, vulnerability and resilience.

I carry a story of a passionate, sensitive and visionary woman who has danced wildly with a calling to speak to hearts, empower women and raise up leaders in business. It is a story of a woman who has struggled, everything from failed businesses to flunking out of university to wrestling my way through addiction. It is a story of never ever giving up and being tenacious about the things you feel called to.

As you jump in here,  I hope you are inspired to respond to everything that excites your spirit. I hope you remember that nothing in front of you is bigger than what is inside of you. I hope you'll join in on a community of women who are deciding to do the work they're called to while embracing their powerful and imperfect story.


Together, we are sitting
on virtual big comfy couches. We are throwing up our hair, making friends,dancing,
Getting inspired, laughing
until it hurts and then
working for what's possible.  

We are throwing out the rules of how they tell us we should run a business and we are doing things our way. We are crashing the Internet with our awesome as we embrace our sensitive, creative souls. We are allowing the dreams to rise from our core and pursuing them to make them happen. 

and when we are not throwing our soul into our work, you'll probably find us on the yoga mat, in our journal or sitting over coffee sharing our
wild hearts. 






Oh and PS, why fire and why wind? 

Fire is the core of your heart. Wind is the movement you put to that. combined, you're an unstoppable leader.

And that business of yours? Damn, it has influence.