I help entrepreneurs create and lead engaged, impactful and profitable communities for their brands.

You are ready to truly grow your community, so that you can grow your brand and your impact. You know deep inside that you have a message that could be life-changing to many and are ready to impact the masses with it. You are driven by a love for people and you know that your mission requires not just a following, but an all-in movement of people.


Let’s give you the strategy, support and coaching you need to lead the type of community people are almost-cult-like-following obsessed with.

Listen, if we met in person, I’d probably run in to give you a big hug and a goofy smile and tell you that you are a thousand percent ready for this.

I will jump into your brand to help you create and lead engaged, impactful and profitable communities using a compelling message, contagious culture and inspiring engagement.

Since 2011 (when I first fell in love with online communities!), I have had the opportunity to both run multiple online communities myself and help other women leaders do the same using my experience in activism and cause-focused marketing.

I have become most known for my work around The Imperfect Boss, our viral Instagram campaigns and signature camp that have shifted the perfection culture as we know it and transformed lives.


Leading Values of My Work



We value the heart and what it has to say. We will get you help you to lead with your heart first because that is where the true magic and connection lies.


Everything we do is born out of a passion for people and to serve other human beings. My connection with you is the highest value and creating communities that are driven out of connection is how we’ll roll.


Your message will become the foundation to your community. In order to tap into that message, we’ll get vulnerable and help you use your vulnerability to speak, rally and lead.


We value trying new things, taking risks, experimenting and becoming playful with what you’re building. We do this because innovation will take your community places that cookie cutter strategies could not.


We will also make sure that your identity is rooted deep as a human being. Creating online community is doing life with people and that can get messy, so we’re going to get real about where you’re at, what you believe about yourself, the boundaries you’re using and all that jazz.